How to Manage Bladder Leakage Through the Holidays


The hustle and bustle of the holiday season are enough to overwhelm anyone. From strategically timing trips to the mall to juggling get-togethers and parties, surviving the holidays is no easy feat. But for someone who experiences bladder leakage, the possibility of having an accident in a crowded shopping mall amongst strangers, at a holiday party, or family gathering full of loved ones, can cause enough anxiety to make us not want to take part in the festive activities at all.

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, know that you are not alone. In fact, one in every ten Canadians experiences bladder leakage but that doesn’t mean we need to restrict our holiday schedule or feel alone. In a recent survey conducted by CARP, one respondent said they stopped visiting family and going on shared holidays due to their leaks, and felt confined to their homes. However, with a little planning and a few helpful tips, it can be entirely possible for those of us who experience leaks to enjoy this special time with friends and loved ones, allowing you to focus on what really matters

Keep your triggers in check

It seems everywhere we turn during the holiday season, there’s a reason to celebrate with festive cocktails and party foods. But for those of us who experience bladder leakage, overindulging in the trigger foods and drinks could be an invitation for unwanted leaks. Certain foods and drinks irritate the bladder more than others and exacerbate leakage symptoms. The effects of various foods on bladder leakage vary from person to person. To learn how your body reacts, you should test different ‘trigger’ foods to determine which ones affect you so you know which ones to avoid. These can include caffeine and alcohol, acidic foods, chocolate, artificial sweeteners and hot spices. By no means should we say ‘no’ every time someone offers us a drink or hors-d’oeuvre – we all deserve to savour the joys of the season – but it’s wise to approach holiday festivities with moderation in mind! Try limiting sweet treats to one or two, and space out alcoholic drinks with lots of water, as alcohol also promotes dehydration which can make symptoms worse. Interestingly enough, drinking less water actually increases the concentration of the urine, making bladder control more difficult so be sure to stay hydrated!

Plan your travels

Travelling for the holidays is hectic enough without the worry and stress brought on by the fear of an unexpected leak. But with proper planning, it is possible to make holiday travel a relatively enjoyable affair. Here are a few simple tips to make traveling this season an enjoyable affair:

  • When booking your travels, request an aisle seat so you can easily access the restroom without having to climb over your seatmate.
  • When packing, it is important to keep bladder leakage solutions that are tailored to your symptoms in mind, and on hand. Finding the right product for your needs can help facilitate better management and boost your confidence.
  • For more frequent and heavier leakage, try sleek, comfortable disposable undergarments like Depend® Silhouette® Briefs for Women and Depend® Real Fit® Briefs for Men. These briefs have an advanced absorbent design that helps prevent leaks and locks in odours. In addition to the outstanding protection, they offer a premium cotton-like breathable fabric and close-to-body, underwear-like fit so you can look and feel great.
  • Packing a few extra briefs in your carry-on bag will allow you to be prepared for long stretches of travel and, in the event of an accident, clean-ups can be made easily and discreetly.

The good news is, there are practical solutions to manage bladder leakage that are widely available for both men and women no matter how long or far you travel. With the right products and advanced planning, you can significantly improve your peace of mind, and ability to enjoy the holidays.

Steal some well-deserved “me time”

During this hectic time of year, the surest way to preserve one’s sanity is to carve out a little time to just be. It’s all the more important when we naturally feel extra stressed in crowds and social situations due to the possibility of unwanted leakage. Taking as little as 10 minutes to meditate, or just collecting a couple deep breaths, can go a long way to soothe our nerves, calm our minds and remind us to embrace all the good the holiday season can bring.

If you’re finding it challenging to find a moment to yourself, take a mental break and think about a few things worth celebrating. It could be a delicious meal you helped prepare, a thoughtful gift you wrapped, a lovely conversation you shared or having the courage to fully immerse yourself in all the season’s special events despite your leakage. Celebrating our daily wins can act as a quick pick-me-up whenever, wherever.

Always be prepared for anything

Last-minute errands, party outfit mishaps, or late additions to holiday gatherings aren’t uncommon during the holidays.  Don’t let the added stress distract from what the holidays should be: a fun and memorable time for everyone!

While it’s important to mentally prepare for the busy holiday season, it’s just as important to physically prepare so leaks don’t stop you from enjoying yourself.

  • Nervous About Leaks? Stay protected: Get in the habit of wearing bladder leakage protection products so you can stay active and engaged in all the fun. By keeping a few extras in your bag, you will have protection and peace of mind all season long.
  • Something Fancy? Wear Dark: For added reassurance, reach for something dark when selecting your holiday party outfit. Wearing dark colors like forest green, smoky greys and deep plums can keep you looking festive and also tend to hide little spills, stains, and unexpected leaks better than light colours
  • Somewhere New? Look Around: Walking around allows you to get the proverbial “lay of the land,” and familiarize yourself with where restrooms are located. That way, should the urge suddenly strike, you’ll have a plan and know exactly where to go, without having to waste time asking for directions.

The secret to a lovely holiday season isn’t really any secret after all: simply enjoy it to the fullest. Keep your mind off bladder leakage, and fully embrace the good times with loved ones with effective protection that’s as comfortable as it is discreet. To learn more about bladder leakage products you can trust and for a free trial kit, visit, so you can dedicate your holidays to creating beautiful memories to cherish for years to come.