Diabetes and the Flu


It may raise your sugar levels, but there’s nothing sweet about the flu.

Getting the flu is no fun; your body aches all over and you just can’t get out of bed. The flu stresses the body out, which can cause blood sugars to spike out of control.

But did you know that it can go beyond just high blood sugars?

Persistently increased blood sugars can affect the immune system and increase the frequency of flu infections. Patients with diabetes are at higher risk of serious influenza-related complications, hospitalizations or even death. Diabetes Canada and The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) recommend that ALL individuals with diabetes get the flu shot and NACI also recommends the same for your close contacts. The flu shot is the MOST effective way to prevent the flu and also helps protect those who are vulnerable to serious illness.

The good news is that there is a high-dose vaccine that is specially formulated for adults 65+. FLUZONE® High-Dose is 24% more effective than FLUZONE® standard dose, and is COVERED for the 2018-2019 flu season by Ontario Public Health.

Help protect yourself and your loved ones. Get the flu shot today!

As with all vaccines, FLUZONE® High-Dose does not protect 100% of people immunized. Allergic reactions can occur. The most common side effects are pain at the injection site and muscle ache. Find out more at www.fluzonehighdose.ca.