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The 26th edition of the British Classic Car Meeting St. Moritz will herald a new era:

On the one hand, the meeting is now open to all British classic car brands. On the other hand, participation is reserved for vehicles dated until 1980.

The British Classic Car Meeting St. Moritz (BCCM) is renowned as an elegant highlight for friends of classic cars. It has been combining elegance and class in the extravagant Alpine metropolis of St. Moritz since 1994. Every year in July, more than 100 classic cars dated up to 1980 meet for excursions, a regularity test rally, and the Concours d’Elégance.

British Oldtimer, St. Moritz


July 2019, Festival da Jazz St. Moritz

The Festival da Jazz is characterized by a rare proximity to the artists. At every music festival there is the music in the foreground. But only on Festival da Jazz St. Moritz the foreground is close enough to touch. Especially the Dracula Club is renowned for its unsurpassed intimacy known and loved. With us you you’re going close contact with the biggest stars of the scene. Jazz has returned to the club.

15th – 18th August 2019, Sailing Champions League

At 1,800 meters above sea level, the lakes of the Upper Engadin offer some of the best wind conditions for sailing. The Maloja winds arrive in the morning and last until sunset. Lake St. Moritz, which is in summer also a water sports arena, offers a beautiful panorama, complete with the St. Moritz Skyline and surrounding mountains. Europe’s best sailing clubs are participating at the Sailing Champions League on the Lake of St. Moritz.

Festival da Jazz: 

Ludovico Einaudi Open Air Concert during Jazz Festival, Lej da Staz


5 Things to do in St. Moritz

Soak up the sunset from the summit of Muottas Muragl

Once you get up here, you’ll never want to leave. Muottas Muragl boasts the best view over the Upper Engadin lakes. In fact, it’s one of the most impressive panoramas in all of Switzerland. To get there, climb aboard the enchanting, vintage Muottas Muragl funicular railway. You can dine and spend the night at the mountain hotel.

Go dancing at the Dracula Club

The Dracula Club is a secret tip in St. Moritz. Gunter Sachs opened this world famous club in 1974, and founded its reputation for the most exclusive parties. Everyone talks about this club, but hardly anyone knows much about it. Then as now, the doors of this private club only open for members and their friends – and in summer for those attending the Festival da Jazz. So if you don’t have friends in high places, make sure you buy tickets to the Jazz Festival!

The Devil’s Place – The largest Whisky Bar in the World, Waldhaus am See Hotel, St. Moritz


Enjoy a drop of whisky

Hotel Waldhaus am See boasts the world’s most extensive whisky bar. Called Devil’s Place, this in-house bar stocks 2,500 types of whisky. The impressive collection has made it into the pages of the Guinness Book of World Records on numerous occasions.

Explore the local architecture

The St. Moritz skyline is diverse, contradictory, unusual – and often underrated. Its architectural highlights include Norman Foster’s Chesa Futura, the leaning tower, and the stadium that was used during the 1928 and 1948 Winter Olympic Games.

Lake Staz in the early morning

The Engadin is blessed with sunny skies almost all year round, so that even the mountain lakes heat up to over 20 degrees in summer. «Lej da Staz» or Lake Staz is one of the Engadin’s best lakes for swimming. The fen meadows and reed banks give it a very special character. Take an early morning dip to invigorate body and soul, or take time for yoga to charge up with new energy and inspiration.

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