Discover Retirement Living As It Should Be


Celebrating independence and individuality at every age

One of the greatest benefits of life is having the freedom to do what you love and be who you are. At Revera Retirement Residences, this is one of the greatest things we can offer you or your loved one when it comes to retirement living – finding your kind of place in a retirement home. We are challenging those common retirement living misconceptions by giving seniors choice – in how they want to live, who they spend time with, and what they want to do. Revera Retirement Residences is a place where individuals feel safe, in control and truly fulfilled every day.

A holistic approach to wellness

Dr. Rhonda Collins, Revera’s Chief Medical Officer, says the best medical approach to healthy aging is one that focuses on the individual as a whole. “Traditional medicine focuses on symptoms and disease while the holistic approach considers all aspects of the person’s life and attempts to bring them into balance,” says Collins. Revera’s Six Dimensions of Wellness incorporates physical, social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and community engagement to help create a more meaningful experience and develop a greater sense of self.

Revera’s Six Dimensions of Wellness

Community Engagement
Contribute unique gifts and skills in meaningful ways to positively impact a common cause. Example: Intergenerational programs and volunteer opportunities

Find greater appreciation for the world around you and support from your peers on your journey of personal growth. Example: Wellness programs

Build strong relationships with the people around you and thrive as a valued member of the community you create. Example: Clubs and common interest groups

Lead the independent and active lifestyle you want by engaging in various pursuits that positively impact overall health and well-being. Example: Tiered exercise programs

Focus your emotions to deal with life’s challenges and nurture positive feelings about yourself. Example: Enriching programs and pet-friendly environments

Stimulate your mind with new ideas in pursuit of lifelong learning and exploration. Example: Healthy Minds Lecture Series

“Finding balance begins from within,” says Michele Reid, Revera’s National Director of Recreation. “Eating well and exercise is only part of it. It’s taking the idea of mind, body and spirit, and making sure you’re including all six dimensions as part of your daily life.” The model not only inspires the recreation programs at every Revera residence, but also overlaps within a single activity. “Think about an exercise class: you’re getting the physical benefit but also the social and emotional benefit of spending time with friends and achieving something together,” continues Reid. The goal of Revera’s Six Dimensions is to help seniors feel connected to the world and have a sense of purpose.

Come and experience it for yourself at our Open House on May 4th

Curious to know what life at Revera is really like? Join us Saturday, May 4th for your kind of open house – food, socializing, activities and more. Each event is completely unique, just like the residents who live there. RSVP today by visiting, or calling 1-855-673-8372.