Keeping Men Healthy Starts With Small Steps


Healthy living isn’t always top priority for men. Healthy living may sound difficult and complicated to achieve, but the journey towards living a healthier life can be made simple by making small changes to everyday habits. Unhealthy habits like smoking, limited physical activity and excessive alcohol consumption, can all contribute to chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. The good news is that poor health can be reversed by making small changes and taking control of your health. This June at Rexall Drugstores, the focus is on men’s health and how we can help keep men healthy across Canada.

Helpful tips and advice for healthy habits everyday

Small modifications to everyday habits can quickly add up to positive health changes and 70% of men’s health conditions are preventable.1 Your Rexall Pharmacist can provide you with guidance on how to make small changes from nutrition and diet to exercise and life style advice to keep you healthy every day. Challenge yourself and a friend or family member! You can get on the road to a healthier you by incorporating these healthy habits into your life:

  • Quit smoking with small steps by reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke each day. You can also speak with your Rexall Pharmacist regarding over the counter nicotine replacement therapy and prescription smoking cessation medications to help you stop smoking.
  • Aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep by going to bed a little earlier than your normal bedtime, each night.
  • Participate in 30 minutes of physical activity daily, join a sports team or gym with a friend, for a fun way to stay active.
  • Reduce the number of alcoholic drinks you consume weekly by two drinks.
  • Visit your doctor for annual check ups and whenever you are not feeling well or experiencing changes in your body.
  • Aim to get 5 to 7 servings of fruits and veggies per day by adding a fruit to your breakfast each morning.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, keep a water bottle by your desk to sip on throughout the workday.
  • Manage stress to improve mental health and wellness.

Management of chronic conditions

Living with a chronic condition like diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol can be difficult. Your Rexall Pharmacist is by your side and can assist you with managing your health condition through device training, dietary and lifestyle advice and counselling on prescriptions and over-the-counter medications and supplements. Your Rexall Pharmacist can provide valuable information when it comes to understanding A1C and blood glucose measurements, blood pressure readings and much more.

Your Rexall Pharmacist offers many services to benefit you

We understand busy schedules often get in the way of necessary visits to our doctor or health care provider when we are unwell, need a prescription or require immunization. At Rexall, your Pharmacist offers many convenient services to keep up with your busy schedule including device training, testing for strep throat* and the administration of injections and vaccines.

All Rexall Pharmacists can renew and extend prescriptions based on assessment, to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of your important medications. Additionally, your Rexall Pharmacist in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba can write prescriptions for minor ailments including hemorrhoids, oral thrush, cold sores, smoking cessation, minor acne and more. ** Save time and get assessed by your Rexall Pharmacist today.

Getting vaccinated is an easy way to avoid preventable illness and staying healthy. At Rexall, all our Pharmacists are injection trained. Your Rexall Pharmacist can conveniently administer a wide range of vaccines including hepatitis, shingles and tetanus, based on assessment. *** No appointment necessary!

Medication Management Tools customized for you

At Rexall, we understand it can be difficult to keep up with your medication. Your Rexall Pharmacist can work with you to select from many customizable Medication Management Tools including Medication Review, Auto-Refill, Medication Dashboard and many others. Speak with your Rexall Pharmacist today to learn more about the many customizable Medication Management Tools available to you, so you can get the most out of your medications.

Be aware of changes in your body

Changes in how you feel physically and mentally, regardless of how minor they may seem, should be discussed with your doctor or Rexall Pharmacist. Many health conditions can be treated when detected early. Visit your doctor or Rexall Pharmacist today to discuss any questions or health concerns you may have.

Taking steps to achieve better health doesn’t have to be difficult. Start with small changes and reap the rewards of feeling better each day. Speak with your Rexall Pharmacist to help you achieve your overall and daily health goals. Wishing you a happy and healthy Father’s Day.

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*Only available in the province of Alberta. Subject to provincial legislation. Some conditions may apply. See in-store for more details.

**Pharmacist conducts assessment prior to prescribing. Some conditions may apply. Subject to provincial legislation.

***Based on vaccine availability and where permitted by provincial legislation. Pharmacist cannot administer a vaccine to children under a certain age; ask for age restrictions. Charges may apply.

1Canadian Men’s Health Foundation survey conducted between May 26 to 29, 2014. For this survey, a sample of 1000 Canadian men aged 30 to 54 from Research Now’s online panel were interviewed.

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