Out-of-Country Travel Insurance… It’s a Necessity, Not a Luxury

Government health insurance plans will cover most hospital and medical expenses when you’re in your home province. But when travelling outside of Canada or even your home province, coverage from your provincial health plan is very limited. Only a fraction of your expenses may be covered.

The costs incurred from a medical emergency outside of Canada can be financially crippling.

Travel health insurance is designed to help protect you from the costs of unexpected medical emergencies and related expenses that may happen while you are travelling outside of Canada or your home province.

Choosing the right travel insurance plan is one of the most important buying decisions you’ll ever make.

Travel Insurance for CARP Members protects you with 24/7 worldwide emergency assistance and up to a $10 million dollar policy limit.

Dedicated case managers answer your assistance calls and ensure appropriate care is being received, while medical staff interacts directly with doctors at the hospitals our policyholders are attending. Medical concierge services are offered by StandbyMD. This provides our policyholders with telephone access to a qualified physician anywhere you travel, with additional services offered in the United States.

Travel Insurance for CARP Members has a plan to suit all types of 50-plus travellers:
• Single Trip Daily Plans – from 1 to 212 days out of province.
• Multi-Trip Annual Plans – for trips of 4, 10, 18, and 30 days, travelling two or more times per year.
• Personal Underwriting – available when required.
• Non-Underwritten, Non-Medical, In-Canada and more.

When you call the Travel Insurance for CARP Members toll-free telephone number, you’ll be speaking with a licensed insurance broker who is qualified to recommend coverage that is best suited for you, based on your health and travel plans. They will help ensure that you understand all medical questions, and may also recommend that you verify information with your doctor if you seem unsure of your conditions. We want you to be properly insured.

To learn about your coverage options and request your quote, call 1.888.867.9360.

If you plan to travel in the next 12 months, the time to save is now!

Travel Insurance for CARP Members is offering the lowest rates in years on our single trip and multi-trip emergency medical plans! And there are extra premium savings for CARP members. We’ll even combine multi-trip and single trip policies to ensure you receive the most coverage for the lowest price.

Don’t miss out. No matter when you’re travelling, call before September 30, 2019 and save! There’s no penalty to change your travel dates before departure, plus top-ups and extensions are available if required.

Click Here to view complete plan details, including our new lower rates, applications and sample policy wordings.

Call 1.888.867.9360 toll-free to get your quote and purchase Travel Insurance for CARP Members today. We’re here for your protection… and savings!