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Golden Girls Lifestyle is a website designed to introduce people who don’t want to or can’t afford to spend their retirement alone. For some of us there may be a nanny suite in the basement of one of our children’s homes and if that suits you wonderful. Others may be wishing to stay in their big house that is too expensive and difficult for them alone, or wish to sell their home and rent but renting a place alone eats up a huge amount of money that might have been used to travel, have fun etc. Living alone can be scary when you’re older, especially if you need a new knee or hip, you’re probably going to need some help!

The options are endless. For example you can:

– Rent out rooms in your house to other like-minded people.
– Find some people to rent a big beautiful house or condo with (or buy one, or have one built).
– Find some people that want to live here for the summer and down south for the winter.
– Find some people that want to move overseas permanently.
– Maybe just find a new friend or two!

Finding the right combination of people will not be easy. It will take time, but you must have a place to look for them and that is the intention of this website. Sign up, post your profile, and start looking for your housemates and start living the Golden Girls Lifestyle!


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