The Benefits of Off-Season Travel


The off-season can vary by location. Summers can be hot in Las Vegas, for instance, so Sin City gets busiest in the winter months. That makes spring and fall fantastic times to vacation there. Orlando, the theme park capital of the world, is the busiest during spring break and summertime. Therefore, you’ll find January, February and October best for avoiding the crowds.

Here are our Top 5 reasons to travel off-season:

1. Smaller Crowds during the Off-season

This reason is the most obvious. Fewer people tend to travel in the off-season which means fewer crowds and shorter lines at popular attractions and eateries which allows you to maximize your vacation time. It can also mean less congestion on roadways and at airports too. Have you ever had to queue for security for more than an hour? That can happen during high season in Orlando and Las Vegas. That’s not a great way to start or end a vacation. Book off-season to enjoy the benefit of getting in as much as possible.

2. Get More of Want You Want During the Off-season

Related to the smaller crowds, the off-season can translate into more options when booking resorts, reserving dining, or visiting exclusive attractions. Even plane tickets may be easier to obtain in the off-season. Be sure to check for availability in advance. You’ll find that the places that are open are readily accessible — and, for many destinations, nearly everything is open year round. So start planning that vacation you’ve always dreamed of.

3. Cheaper Prices during the Off-season

This one’s a big advantage. PRICE. The cost of airfare, accommodations, restaurants and even attractions may be lower in the off-season. Those savings can really add up allowing you to experience more at your destination. You might even score a great deal on souvenirs, so you can afford to buy everyone a memento if you’re so inclined. Or not if you vacation in Vegas, because what happens in … oh, never mind.

4. Fun Events during the Off-season

Did you know that some destinations and attractions purposely schedule festivals and special exhibitions in the low season in hopes of drawing more visitors? For example, many of the major Central Florida theme parks schedule music, food and other festivals during the off-season. You can get all the fun and thrills of a theme park with the bonus of the added events. Many cities host festivals and concerts all year, including during the off-season, like the American Music Festival.

5. CARP Members get access to TripBeat for Free

As a CARP member, TripBeat is a free benefit that provides immediate access to vacation deals and savings for travel all around the world! Visit popular vacation destinations like Mexico, California, Las Vegas and the Caribbean. You can Join For Free and filter destinations by travel dates, destination, resort amenities and more! TripBeat makes it easy to take advantage of the benefits of off-season travel!

It’s Just Smart Travel

So there you have it — the Top 5 reasons to enjoy off-season travel: fewer crowds, get more of want you want, cheaper prices, fun events and TripBeat! Who wouldn’t want to travel in the off-season? Be the smart and savvy traveler that you know you are and reap the benefits of off-season travel. You’ll be glad you did.

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