‘Tis The Season, Eh? Help Protect Yourself Against the Flu.


‘Tis the season, eh? Another great Canadian winter is around the corner! Time to break out the plaid flannel and get your ANNUAL FLU SHOT.

The holidays are for spending with friends and family – the last thing you want is for the flu to slow you down. The flu, or influenza, is a serious and highly contagious illness that can last between a week to 10 days. Symptoms include fever, cough, muscle aches, and more.

The flu can affect anyone at any age, but older adults could be at risk of more serious complications. Our immune systems weaken naturally as we age, making it more difficult to fight off infections.

Nearly 1 in 2 adults over 50 years old have a high-risk medical condition such as: asthma, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and/or stroke. When combined with the flu, conditions such as diabetes and heart disease increase the risk of hospitalization and heart attacks.

The good news is: you can help protect yourself. Talk to your healthcare provider to see if the flu shot is right for you.

Vaccination does not protect 100% of individuals.
Side effects and allergic reactions can occur.

In Canada, the flu causes an average of 12,200 hospitalizations and 3,500 deaths annually.

Don’t be sorry. Get the shot!

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