Living With Diabetes? Your Rexall Pharmacist Can Help.


Did you know that 1 in 3 Canadians are now living with diabetes or prediabetes – that’s 11 million people!

Most Canadians don’t realize that diabetes in our population is rapidly increasing and if left uncontrolled, it can lead to serious complications such as cardiovascular disease, vision loss, kidney failure, nerve damage and amputation. Diabetes management can be complicated with many things to consider including diet, exercise and medication therapies. Your Rexall Pharmacist can help make it easier for you to manage. Your Rexall Pharmacist can provide you and your loved ones with in-depth knowledge in the areas of health and wellness, particularly diabetes management. Here are some invaluable ways your Rexall Pharmacist can help you better manage your diabetes:

Get the information you need
The most important step to success is getting the information you need about your condition and how to manage it. Your Rexall Pharmacist is one of your most valuable resources, as they can provide you with information specific to your condition, medications, side effects and much more. Your Rexall Pharmacist is specially trained in diabetes management and can provide you with knowledgeable advice about the disease, symptoms and management tips.

Get Your Flu Shot at Rexall
The flu season is usually from October to April. It’s important to get vaccinated early as it takes 2 weeks to build immunity. The flu shot is even more important for individuals managing chronic conditions, like diabetes, where you are at greater risk for developing complications caused by influenza (flu). You can get your flu shot at any Rexall, any time, any day.*

Regular Blood Monitoring
Keeping your blood glucose levels in a healthy range may require regularly checking your blood glucose once to several times a day. Self-monitoring is an integral part of diabetes management and will help you gain a better picture of how well you are managing your condition. Regardless of how you manage your diabetes, through diet and exercise alone or combined with oral medicines or insulin – regular glucose monitoring provides immediate feedback on how your regimen is working. It’s just as important to have an A1C test conducted to get a better picture of your average blood glucose control over the last 2 to 3 months. At select Rexall locations, you can test your A1C levels with your Rexall Pharmacist by your side, to help you understand the results and better manage your diabetes.**

Diet and Exercise
Maintaining a healthy diet and engaging in regular physical activity provides numerous benefits for your quality of life and blood glucose control. Exercise burns glucose and improves the body’s ability to use insulin. This improvement in insulin sensitivity may allow some people with Type 2 diabetes to reduce, or even discontinue blood- glucose lowering medicines with increased physical activity. If you’re making a commitment to start a physical activity regime or making any major changes to your diet, for your safety, make sure you speak with your doctor and Rexall Pharmacist to discuss any limitations or restrictions you may have.

Follow up with your Health Team to ensure you are on track
It’s important to keep your health team – Pharmacists, Physicians, Dietitians etc. in the loop when it comes to all aspects of your diabetes management plan. Your Rexall Pharmacist is a key contributor to your diabetes management success. They can help you manage your drug therapy, identify potentially harmful interactions among the drugs and over-the-counter products you may use, and provide you with advice on lifestyle choices, alternate therapies and new products or services available at the pharmacy.

Medication Management Tools to help you stay on course
A key part of your diabetes management success is ensuring you stay on top of your medication. Your Rexall Pharmacy offers a variety of convenient, customizable medication management tools tailored to fit your needs:

Auto Refill
Have your prescriptions automatically refilled when they are due.

Med Organizer
All your medications in 7-day blister packs, conveniently organized by time of day to be taken.

Medication Review
A one-on-one sit down with your Rexall Pharmacist to review your medications and health goals.

Medication Dashboard
Only at Rexall, can your Pharmacist show you how many days of your medication therapy may have been missed. Your Rexall Pharmacist can identify areas of opportunity to ensure that you are on staying on course with your medication therapy.

Take control of your health today! Speak with your Rexall Pharmacist today for knowledgeable advice and helpful resources to help you better manage your diabetes and live your healthiest life.

*Subject to vaccine availability. By provincial legislation, pharmacists cannot administer a flu shot to children under a certain age. Ask your pharmacist for age restrictions.
**Not available in Manitoba & Saskatchewan.

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