Why Going Guided is the Best Way to Travel


Here at EF Go Ahead Tours, we sometimes hear from travelers who are interested in group travel, but have some trepidations. But, just as often, what we hear from these travelers is that we’ve changed their minds about what a group tour can be! Here’s how we defy the stereotypes, and why our guided tours are the best way for you to see the world.

You’ll travel like a local, with a local. 

You get an authentic experience in your destination because you’re traveling alongside expert local guides—many of whom live in the places you’re visiting. So, they know the history inside and out, and can point you toward the off-the-beaten-path gems that would be hard to find on your own.

You’ll save time…

Beyond the planning up front, there are a lot of ways our guided trips can actually save you time while you’re traveling, too. Skipping the lines at popular attractions, taking efficient modes of transportation between locations, and scheduling activities to maximize your time are just some of the ways guided tours can make your actual travel more enjoyable.

 And enjoy free time!

We know that a great vacation is different for everyone, so our tours let you have the flexibility to decide what’s most important for you to see and do. Our itineraries often include free afternoons or evenings, when you can opt to add additional activities or spend the time at your leisure.

You’ll connect with like-minded travelers

Adults of all ages and backgrounds join our tours. You’ll meet and travel with people from all over North America and share eye-opening experiences together. Solo travelers, recent retirees, couples celebrating a honeymoon, experienced adventurers, first-timers—our trips appeal to many different types of travelers, but the one important thing they all share is a love of seeing the world!

We pride ourselves on putting together the best travel experiences out there, and our team around the globe works hard to make sure each trip is nothing short of amazing. Are you interested in exploring the world? Join EF Go Ahead Tours and Zoomer to discover Rainforests, Volcanoes & Wildlife in Costa Rica; or the Canadian Maritimes: Nova Scotia to Prince Edward Island.

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