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Calling 211, the Ontario helpline for information on social, health, government and community services, is the easiest way to learn about the types of financial and community supports that help Ontarians maintain and improve their financial and physical wellness. 211 Community Navigators can explain services for different life stages and situations, including programs people don’t often know about. 

Navigating services and understanding financial and other assistance programs can be confusing, especially for a caregiver managing a lot of responsibilities, or when a situation is different from other people’s experience. Sometimes even filling in forms can be overwhelming. There are a variety of organizations that can help people with filling in forms and applications for government and community service support. 

211 is a confidential  helpline and online service that is answered by professional Community Navigators who can provide information on financial assistance and community programs, how to apply, eligibility, areas served, possible fees, location and more. 211 Community Navigators can provide an assessment, referrals to services, and advocacy if requested, to help callers access supports they are eligible for. Call 211 (a three-digit phone number) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including holidays. We provide online chat services Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on our website at, or you can search online for services by topic and area.

Pensions and Other Financial Assistance

• Old Age Security (OAS)
• Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)
• Canada Pension Plan (CPP)
• Veterans Benefits
• Free Income Tax Clinics
• Funeral assistance for low income residents

Health Care Related Assistance

• Ontario Drug Benefit
• Assistive Devices Program
• Dental care for low income seniors
• War Veterans allowance
• Information on mobility aides and devices
• Travel Grant (Northern Ontario residents)

Housing Help

• Utility payment assistance
• Property tax relief for low income seniors
• Home Assistance Program (Free home energy-efficiency upgrades)
• Eviction prevention
• Long-Term Care Home Rate Reduction Program
• Home maintenance

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For information about services and programs for your situation, call 2-1-1 from anywhere in Ontario. 211 is the helpline for information and referral to community, social and health services or search online at The 211 helpline is answered live 24 hours a day, every day by highly trained navigators. We provide interpretation in over 150 languages. 

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