Medical Cannabis. Simplified.


Have you been thinking about medical cannabis but don’t know where to start?

Older Canadians are keen to learn about medical cannabis, especially its potential to replace other, less-desirable medications that are used for pain management, anxiety, and sleep issues.

“Many Canadians are living with chronic pain, anxiety, and sleep disorders,” said Dr. Mark Ware, Chief Medical Officer of Canopy Growth. “Because traditional treatments have increasing limitations and safety considerations as we age, it is important to consider the full range of therapeutic options.”

If you’re considering medical cannabis as a therapy, it’s important to be informed about the medicine and its effects and learn about the new formats that are available (e.g., softgels). This conversation starts with your healthcare professional, who can help you assess the potential of medical cannabis to benefit your condition.

Need help finding a healthcare professional who specializes in medical cannabis?

Speaking with a healthcare professional can help you determine whether medical cannabis is right for you. Our Find a Healthcare Professional program connects customers with specialists who can authorize the use of medical cannabis, when appropriate.

These specialists have been trained in our registration process, product line, and full range of services. They can be trusted to help you register with Spectrum Therapeutics, give you accurate product guidance, or help you or your healthcare professional obtain medical support from physicians who focus on medical cannabis.

Find a healthcare professional

Step-by-step process for registering as a medical cannabis patient

1. Submit a Medical Document

Your healthcare professional will complete this form for you, authorizing the use of medical cannabis, and send it to Spectrum Therapeutics.

Can’t find a healthcare professional?

Click here to connect with a healthcare professional who can advise you about medical cannabis.

2. Register at

Complete a Registration Form online or send your completed form to us by email, mail, or fax.

3. We’ll verify your documents

Spectrum Therapeutics will process your Medical Document and Registration Form without 24 hours of receipt.

4. Start ordering

You will receive a confirmation email, at which point you may place your first order online at or by phone.

CARP members get a 20% discount

Your CARP membership entitles you to a 20% discount on all Spectrum Therapeutics products once you’ve registered with Spectrum Therapeutics and obtained a Medical Document from your healthcare professional. We are the only licensed producer to partner with CARP.

“Our partnership with CARP helps provide accurate information and standardized products to a patient demographic that is highly engaged in learning more about how medical cannabis may be able to help them,” said Dr. Ware.

Through our partnership with CARP, we offer tailored educational initiatives for over 320,000 CARP members seeking more information on medical cannabis.

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