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You might have to be physically isolated now, but that’s no reason to be intellectually isolated. This is the perfect time to explore ideacity, Moses Znaimer’s unique annual conference that brings together the smartest people with the biggest ideas. If it’s new, if it’s hot, if it can change the world…it’s at ideacity.

And now you can view all ideacity talks online, from the comfort of your home – and absolutely free! There are literally hundreds of videos, spanning two decades. Each talk is only 20 minutes long, so you can sample a huge array of speakers and topics.

One of the side effects of coronavirus is the threat to the free flow of information. Who can we trust? What happens when information is cut off, or manipulated? Many say that critical information was suppressed by the Chinese government – information that could have helped the world. Some even say What does democracy and freedom of speech have to do with the Coronavirus? Some say censored information did not make it out of China, which could have helped the world. Some even say that if China valued free speech, there might be no coronavirus crisis in the first place. Does the east or west know best when it comes to politics? Not surprisingly, ideacity has been all over this topic. Watch as Daniel Bell sheds light on China’s vertical model political system, Janice Stein talks to us about how technology is rebordering the world, and Hon. Irwin Cotler explores the retreat of democracies.