Stuck at Home? You Can Still Meet Some of the Smartest People on the Planet!

You might have to be physically isolated now, but that’s no reason to be intellectually isolated. This is the perfect time to explore ideacity, Moses Znaimer’s unique annual conference that brings together the smartest people with the biggest ideas. If it’s new, if it’s hot, if it can change the world…it’s at ideacity.

And now you can view all ideacity talks online, from the comfort of your home – and absolutely free! There are literally hundreds of videos, spanning two decades. Each talk is only 20 minutes long, so you can sample a huge array of speakers and topics.

OK, you can’t travel right now. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop exploring the world. ideacity talks are the perfect way to do it! Here are three great examples to get your started: watch Dianne Whelan, who’s on a 5-year ecological pilgrimage along the longest trail in the world; Jean-Guy Sauriol, who celebrated his 60th birthday by crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat, and Laura Dekker who was the youngest person (only 16) to sail alone around the world! Then click here for even more inspiring and adventurous talks.