Frustrated with Your Stock Portfolio? There is Another Way.


Established in 1998 and proudly Canadian, KeyStone Financial via is Canada’s first fully independent web-based research advisor service.

KeyStone has helped thousands of Canadians build simple 15-25 stock portfolios, designed to enrich you not your advisor.

Are you tired of the high fees and meager returns from traditional big bank mutual fund and ETF investing?

For the past 21 years, I am proud to say that KeyStone’s unique research has been leading the charge for independent-minded investors across Canada. KeyStone is truly an independent research advisory firm.

This should not make us unique in Canada, but it does.

Truly independent.

Unlike the Big Banks and traditional brokerages, KeyStone does not perform financings for or get paid by the stocks we recommend, which introduces significant bias. Our singular focus is to find great long-term stocks for our clients.

A focus on research – over 6,000 stocks to find 10 great businesses.

Each year our analysts tear through the financial statements of every stock in Canada (over 3,500) and over 3,000 in the U.S. to uncover 10-15 unique, profitable growth and dividend growth stock opportunities for our clients. Often before the broader market finds them. We leave no stone unturned in our search for undervalued growth and dividend growth stocks from any industry including: technology, alternative energy, biotech, manufacturing, healthcare, oil & gas, cannabis, materials, mining, consumer (staples & discretionary), REITs, services, and more.

Simplify and save on fees.

KeyStone’s research, paired with a discount broker allows our clients to create a simple, cost effective 15-25 stock portfolio. Clients access our research reports via their account on our website and are emailed the reports with simple BUY/SELL/HOLD advice. We offer weekly chat sessions so clients can stay in touch with our analysts and ask any questions on general market conditions or stocks that we have under coverage. All under one flat fee with no hidden costs.

Buy only profitable growth and dividend growth stocks.

KeyStone prides itself in following the teachings of Warren Buffett, the most successful stock market investor of all time. We employ one of the most stringent research criteria in the industry that includes only recommending profitable, cash producing growth and dividend stocks with strong balance sheets. For Canadians, our services are separated into three areas that can add the most value in your portfolio.

  1. Core Canadian dividend & dividend growth stocks (average yield 5.5%).
  2. Growth oriented, profitable small-cap stocks yet to be identified by larger financial institutions.
  3. U.S. growth and dividend growth stocks – core industry leaders and underfollowed profitable stocks.

Want to learn more about KeyStone’s fresh and unique take on investing in great growth and dividend stocks?

Attend one of our upcoming live webinars – take just a couple hours of you time and become a better investor.

Live Stream: Crisis Portfolio Building 2.0 – Strategies to Survive, Then Thrive

 Topics include:

  • KeyStone simple strategy to help you build a 15-25 stock portfolio, save on fees and make more money long-term.
  • Why high-quality dividend growth stocks are your most powerful tool.
  • Why Canadians are critically underexposed to U.S. stocks.
  • Why cash rich stocks are king of a crisis – which to buy and which to avoid!
  • Find out if stocks are cheap or expensive? What to do in a recession or crash?
  • Why trying to pick an exact bottom is a fool’s game – we show you a simple strategy to layer into great stocks and decrease risk in a down market.
  • Investment themes for the next decade: Alternative Energy, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity & Artificial Intelligence – find out which are right for your portfolio in a crisis situation.
  • During the 2008/09 financial crisis we recommended Boyd Group (BYD:TSX) at $2.30 per share which went on to be the top performing stock on the TSX over the next decade, generating a return of over 8,000% and paying out $4.60 in dividends. Today, we are on the hunt for the next game changing stocks for your portfolio.
  • Live 2-hour Webinar and Q&A session with Aaron Dunn & Ryan Irvine!
  • Plus, we recommend 5 stocks to start buying now for long-term portfolio gains.

We look forward to hosting you at one of our upcoming events!