Best Getaways for the History Buff


Do you find yourself regularly watching history documentaries? Do you scope out the nearest museums before planning a getaway? Can you easily recall world events from decades ago? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s likely you’re a history buff. But with so much history and such little time to explore it, it can be hard to know what destinations to venture to in 2021. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of some spots around the globe that are ripe with culture, cuisine and best of all – history that will get you excited for travel next year.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania:

U.S. history buffs must make their way to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to the hallowed site of the great Battle of Gettysburg – the battle that served as the turning point in the Civil War.

Here, you can step onto the battlefield with a guided tour of the site illuminating those three historic days in 1863 and the decisive battle that changed the course of American history forever.

Kyoto, Japan:

Japan is steeped in ancient culture and tradition that’s carefully preserved in much of the architecture and religious sites scattered throughout this storied country. Nowhere else will you find such rich history in Japan than in Kyoto. Now one of the nation’s top cosmopolitan cities, Kyoto was once the former Imperial capital of Japan where powerful emperors ruled over the land. Kyoto’s connection with its past is still quite strong; you won’t need to look far to see one of its 2,000 temples and shrines. One particularly impressive zen temple that’s a must-visit is Kinkakuji (UNESCO), or the Golden Pavilion. This ornate zen temple contains top two floors completely covered in gold leaf. Along with these storied temples, you’re still likely to find women in traditional dress and delightful teahouses that look untouched by the hands of time.

Rome, Italy:

Known as “The Eternal City,” Rome is lauded for its iconic historic past. Just walking the city streets will give you a sense of the historic power and prowess of Rome. From the imposing Colosseum and St. Peter’s Basilica to the ancient Pantheon and Roman Forum, much of what’s found in Italy’s capital serves as an homage to its one-time status as the caput mundi (capital of the world).

Oslo, Norway:

Nestled between the Oslofjord and forested hills lies Oslo, Norway’s capital since 1814. Oslo is the center of Norwegian government and home to its royal family. While Oslo is a vibrant, emerging cosmopolitan hub, long ago this was the land where Vikings reigned supreme. Remnants of the Norsemen can still be seen at the incredible Viking Ship Museum, home to one of three ancient Viking vessels.  Norway’s King Harald V and Queen Sonja still reside here, and the UN considers it to be one of the best places in the world to live.

Cuzco, Peru:

Cuzco, the former capital of the Inca Empire, was considered at one time to be the center of the world. The city is now an urban center of religion and government with charming streets, historic buildings and bustling squares. The most fascinating building in Cuzco is the Coricancha, known as the golden enclosure and the most sacred of all Inca sites.

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