Advocacy & Activity for Healthy Aging!


The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us many lessons as individuals, and as a country. It has shown us that we must take care of our most vulnerable older adults – those living with frailty. This is a condition of reduced health and function that can make your body more susceptible to illnesses like the flu, shingles, or COVID-19. As we have seen over the last few months, older adults living with frailty in Long Term Care homes have been impacted most heavily, and there are many changes needed. As a country, we need to prioritize the health of our most vulnerable populations now and in the future. Click here to lend your voice to the Canadian Frailty Network’s campaign to encourage our Federal Ministers to make immediate changes to our Long Term Care Systems, and to support home care and preventative medicine, so that older adults living with frailty can have the best quality of life as they age.

Part of ensuring the best quality of life for older Canadians is helping them to AVOID Frailty! Keeping your body physically and mentally fit is the key to improving health outcomes as you age! Things like getting vaccinated, optimizing your medications, and improving your diet can help you to AVOID frailty. But the most important thing you can do, is to increase your activity level! The Canadian Frailty Network is proud to partner with Hal and Joanne of Body Break to highlight some of the ways you can stay active and healthy as you age! Want to find out more? Watch here: