5 Ways Healthy Hearing Can Improve Your Life


The last few months have been trying for everyone around the world and our hearts go out to those who have been severely affected by these conditions. The current situation has given us more time to reflect on things we have been procrastinating about – for many it’s been their hearing health.

Here’s what Murray Smith BC-HIS (Hearing Instrument Specialist at HearingLife) has to say:

“The noticeable everyday hearing loss has now taken the front seat in people’s quest for communication with their loved ones and in reality, of their world. Their deficit has never been more pronounced, and we are the ones they lean on to help bolster their hearing abilities.  I’ve been with this industry for over thirty-three years, I’ve never seen a situation like this and we all could benefit from taking action.”

In a world of isolation and distance, of anxiety and loss, it’s time to move beyond the cant’s and continue in your journey of hearing health. While we worry about all the things we can’t do, what about everything we can? With HearingLife its time to awake in a world of can.

Here are five reasons why getting your hearing tested will lead to a happier, more fulfilling life.

1. You’ll say yes more often: Two people feel badly when you have to say “no” to an invitation. You, and the person doing the asking. Think of how much better you’ll feel when you can embrace new opportunities — be it a quiet dinner with friends or a zoom meeting with family!

2. No more excuses: It can be difficult to explain why you are isolating yourself. Sometimes you make up reasons not to join friends or family over a video call. It’s hard for them to understand why, especially since all they want is to spend time with you.

3. You’ll feel more in control of your life: We waste a lot of energy finding ways to cope with awkward situations. It’s better to turn the awkward situation into a positive one. You’ll be glad you’re doing something about your hearing loss — and others will be, too.

4. Only actors get applause for pretending to be someone they’re not: Stop nodding your head during those Zoom gatherings to make people think you understand what they’re saying. Chances are they haven’t been fooled.

5. You can live in the moment: You have the right to feel fully involved in life. Your life. It wears you down to keep saying, “Pardon? Can you repeat that?” The only thing that needs repeating is time spent enjoying the company of loved ones even at home.

We are excited to announce that HearingLife and Partner clinics are now open, so you don’t have to put your hearing health on hold. We at HearingLife will continue to be Canada’s partner in hearing care and look forward to seeing you in our clinics. To learn more or book an appointment with our hearing professionals visit https://bit.ly/2Y16owe or call 1-888-904-2039

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