6 Ways HelloFresh Makes Dinner Time Easier


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1. Believe it or not, a HelloFresh box is cheaper than takeout and getting groceries! Plus, it comes right to your door and all the ingredients are pre-measured to save you time.

Each serving is less than $12, including this pan-seared steak au jus!

2. Each HelloFresh meal includes step-by-step instructions and recipe photos so you nail it every single time. Your finished plate is guaranteed to look just like the recipe photo!

3. The ingredients in every HelloFresh box arrive pre-portioned, so most of the food prep is taken care of. Plus, by cooking with pre-portioned ingredients, you’ll reduce your dinner food waste by up to 36%! That’s right: the delicious meals you’re making aren’t the only thing to get excited about.

4. HelloFresh’s menu changes weekly so you’ll discover new ingredients, explore new cuisines, and banish recipe boredom for good! Their menu features 20+ recipes, including 20-Min Meals, Special Recipes, Veggie options, and Family Favourites.

5. The HelloFresh service is flexible, so you can change your delivery days or skip weeks if you’re going on vacation. You’re not tied down to a rigid plan like you are with some subscription services. Their website and app make it easy for you to manage your account on the go!

6. You’ll have access to the freshest ingredients without hitting the grocery store. If you hate meal planning, shopping, and prepping, or are just steering clear of crowded stores, HelloFresh will fit into your lifestyle.

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