Here’s How to Travel Safely During COVID-19


According to experts, COVID-19 will be here for a while. As Canadians begin emerging back into the world after months in lockdown, it’s important that we all step forward with caution in our stride.

While travelling this summer is ultimately your decision, there are some things to keep in mind to ensure you not only reduce your risk of spreading the virus, but also reduce the risk of bringing it back to your hometown. Travelling privately and with a designated travel bubble, for example, is just one way to be smart and stay safe.

Here are a few other considerations when planning a trip during COVID-19.

Credit: Tourism Whistler / Justa Jeskova


1. Understand what travel restrictions are in place

First and foremost, you need to know where you can and can’t go. Keep up to date with the latest information on travel restrictions in each province, and plan your trip accordingly.

This includes understanding local restrictions that might be in place at your destination, as well as knowing the restrictions in the areas you’ll be passing through. For example, face coverings are mandatory in indoor public spaces in cities such as Calgary, Whistler, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal (in fact, everywhere in Quebec), but not in Vancouver or Kelowna.

2. Consider your mode of transport

Planes, trains or automobiles? You need to take into consideration the safest and smartest way to travel and understand the risk involved with each mode of transport on your itinerary, including all transfers and tours.

One way to do this is to book an experience that offers private and exclusive transfer options so that you can confidently travel knowing you’re surrounded by your bubble, and only your bubble.

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3. Plan outdoor activities

Fewer faces, bigger spaces. Those are the guidelines from BC’s Provincial Health Officer, Bonnie Henry, and they should be followed across the country.

When it comes to deciding on a vacation itinerary this summer, factor in outdoor activities as much as you can. Private wildlife viewings through Banff and Jasper, for instance, are smarter ideas than museum visits.

4. Pack a stay safe kit

Spare masks, extra hand sanitizer, a thermometer, gloves, disinfectant wipes, health cards… these are now considered essential items to carry with you on any trip you take during the pandemic.

Much like a first aid kit while camping, a stay safe kit is the perfect thing to keep everyone healthy throughout the entire duration of your trip.

5. Avoid coronavirus hotspots (and vulnerable communities)

To keep everyone as safe as possible, skip places where COVID-19 is prevalent. You can explore the latest figures for each province here.

At the same time, avoid travelling to areas where there are vulnerable communities. Many of these places will likely be off limits to visitors anyway, but do your homework and book an experience that passes through less at-risk parts of the country.

Travel privately and with your bubble

Privacy is the new travel commodity, and when planning a trip this summer, your top priority should be to limit your contact with as many people as possible.

Credit: Tourism Jasper / Jasper Motorcycle Tours


That’s why, for a limited time only, Fresh Tracks Canada is offering free upgrades to private transfers and tours for groups of five or more when booking onto a trip. Not only do private tours and transfers offer you more flexibility and independence on your trip, they’re a great way to experience all that Canada has to offer. What’s more, you’ll rest easy knowing you won’t be in any confined spaces while travelling along the way.

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