Re-invent Your Old Jewellery and Get Your Sparkle Back


by Reena Ceschia

“Jewellery is like the perfect spice – it always compliments what’s already there.”
-Diane von Furstenberg

Beautiful designer jewellery has the power to spark joy, transform your look, and give you confidence.

Back in time: do you remember your first piece of jewellery?

I still remember the first piece of jewellery I bought for myself at 14-years old. It was a gorgeous yellow gold bracelet. I valued academic successes, and celebrated them by rewarding myself with special gifts that I saved up for all year long. Buying jewellery became an annual ritual of self-appreciation, particularly around my birthday and the holiday season.

Times have changed: to wear or not to wear?

As the years passed, I stopped wearing some of my jewellery. Some of the original pieces looked outdated, and as my lifestyle changed, other styles weren’t as practical for me to wear anymore. It was time to consider a creative approach for all my outdated treasures. I needed to consolidate what I had and reinvent new pieces that I could wear now and then pass on as heirlooms.

Finding Pamela Lauz Jewellery

Last November, I was at the One Of a Kind Show in Toronto looking for jewellery that appeals to my current style. I was instantly drawn to Pamela Lauz’s booth and her display of gorgeous contemporary pieces.

Then along came Pamela with her great smile, welcoming demeanour, and chic style.

Pamela is a female entrepreneur and Canadian designer with a keen eye for design and a real understanding of the modern, feminine mindset. She was a corporate professional who worked in the high-tech industry for a decade before launching her jewellery brand. Pamela delights in connecting with her clients to redesign and create jewellery pieces that reflect their personality and unique style.

Then came the pandemic

I kept Pamela’s contact information with the intent of working with her on restyling a couple of pieces in need of a makeover. At the time I was planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Tanzania in July. By March, the world was in lockdown due to COVID19. Like so many others, my vacation plans were dashed.

Instead, I decided to treat myself to an experience that would make me feel happy and hopeful during this unprecedented time. I needed to put a bit of sparkle back in my life.

I pulled out my jewellery boxes to sort through my pieces and realized that many of them had lost their appeal. It was the perfect time to rethink my personal style and try a new adventure: jewellery restyling! I immediately emailed Pamela to book a free consultation.

Gold sale benefit

A week later, we sat down at her design studio in Leslieville, Toronto. The first step was to assess the amount and value of gold in my current jewellery pieces. Pamela’s highly acclaimed Gold Sale Benefit allows you to sell your gold and platinum and apply 100% of the proceeds towards a custom redesigned jewellery project.

Since Pamela does not keep a cut of the gold sale proceeds, she often gives her clients 2-3 times more in credit than what other retailers offer.

The jewellery redesign process

After preparing my old jewellery for sale, we began discussing the fun part: revamping two diamond rings and turning them into a versatile stacking set of three rings that better reflects my current style.    

I was involved in every step of the creative process. First, Pamela turned my vision into detailed sketches, showing me every angle of my new rings. Once I approved them, she created a photo-realistic computer rendering of each ring, which I conveniently reviewed and approved over email. My rings were designed by computer, but Pamela selects the method that best suits each individual design. Many of her creations are carved in wax or forged in metal.

The reveal

Redesigning your own jewellery is a different experience than buying something at a store, and working with a local Canadian designer at her studio is wonderfully enriching. Plus, I saved money by offsetting much of the design costs with my gold sale proceeds.

Opening the box and seeing my redesigned rings was as exciting as opening my engagement ring box.  I love that I can wear my new stacking rings in many different ways. They look great together as well as on their own. The two stacking diamond eternity bands can jazz up other rings in my jewellery box.

The ready-to-wear collection

In addition to custom design, Pamela handcrafts hundreds of unique ready-to-wear designs in silver and gold. I will certainly be back this year to pick up holiday gifts for some of the women I adore!

Visit and enter promo code MYSPARKLE20 to save 20% when you shop online. Free shipping within Canada plus complimentary gift-wrapping and greeting cards if you are sending a gift.

Contact Pamela  today to book your free design consultation at her Leslieville studio or via ZOOM, and create jewellery that makes you sparkle again.

About the author: Reena Ceschia is the author of Elle Muse Journal, a blog curating fashion and lifestyle inspiration for dynamic women over 40. She lives with her family in Toronto.