Know Your Flows


The right pad makes all the difference.

Why should you know your flows? It’s simple, really. You need to pick the right pad for the job, whether it’s for your period or light bladder leakage (or LBL for short). And period pads are clearly not designed for urine.

There are many kinds of bladder leaks: a drip, a spurt, a burst, a surge, a stream, a gush… However yours flow, rest assured that they happen to the best of us — to 1 in 3 women, in fact. So you’re definitely not alone. Millions of us know what you’re going through.

Why do leaks happen?

Involuntary leakage of urine happens for lots of reasons. Physical changes from menopause, hysterectomy, pregnancy and childbirth are some of them. Other causes of LBL include bladder irritants (certain foods and drinks), being overweight, bladder or urinary tract infections, and complications from stroke or chronic conditions like diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

Leaks can occur when pressure is suddenly placed on your bladder, like when you cough, laugh, sneeze, exercise or lift something heavy. Or you may feel a sudden, intense urge to urinate and then the muscles of your bladder just squeeze at the wrong time, resulting in a leak.

Learn how to manage unexpected leaks

The best way to take control of your leaks is by learning more about it and the things you can do to improve it. Read this LBL Starter Guide for helpful tips and tricks, triggers that can cause leaks and how to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles — including making sure you’re doing Kegels the right way. (You’re doing Kegels, right?)

Stop using period pads for your bladder leaks

Maybe you’ve become used to uninvited leaks over the years and not being able to control your bladder has just become part of everyday life. But that does not mean you should resign to wearing bulky period pads out of habit or convenience. They’re the wrong tool for the job. Bigger is certainly not better in this case.

Period pads simply weren’t meant for this kind of flow — they’re meant for blood. Poise® pads, on the other hand, are designed for urine. While both period pads and Poise® pads may hold the same amount of liquid, the liquids are fundamentally different.

Blood is literally thicker than water. Blood is also heavier, slower moving, and sticks close to the skin — unlike water. See for yourself and watch this Know Your Flows demo showing the difference between periods and bladder leakage.

Go with your flow

Poise® has pads that are thin, small, dry, comfy, super absorbent, and more you! Discreet and designed specifically for LBL, Poise® pads lock up wetness and odour, and since they come in six absorbency levels, it’s easy to find the protection that’s right for your leaks.

If your flow is more of a stream or a gush, you need Poise® Original pads. Not only do these maximum absorbency pads stay 5 times drier than the leading Always period pad,* but the ContourFIT™ shape is designed to fit your curves, so you have coverage where you need it. The wider front and back comfortably protects without any bunching or bulking in the middle. And with the absorb-loc® core and leak-block* sides, you get that trusted Poise® 3-in-1 protection for up to 12 hours of outstanding dryness, comfort and odour control. Best of all, Poise® Originals come in regular and long lengths so you can find the right size for your body.

Save dough for your flow!

You’ll find plenty of valuable coupons and savings on Poise® at The handy Product Selector will help you match your flow to the perfect Poise® products, so you can go with the flow of life as dry and comfortable as you can be.

*compared to Always Size 2 Ultra-Thin Long Pads with Wings