Finding New Ways To Get And Stay Active


I know that COVID has made life different for many of us. Where we go, shop and who we have been able to interact with has been changed dramatically because of COVID.  While the weather was warmer and we are able to socially distance, in many ways it has allowed us to appreciate being outside and make the most of the summer.

If you are already active or want to find something convenient as the weather turns colder, where do we go to remain active during COVID?  As a personal trainer for seniors, I have personally seen how many people in general are now starting to ponder this question.  Thankfully with the power of technology this is something we have been able to do for many people at Omni-Fitt with the Brain, Body and Balance group exercise program.

For seniors to maintain good health, the fundamental things they all need are balance, coordination, strength, flexibility and posture.   While there are many ways to exercise, we make exercising fun and challenging enough to ensure that you have a great workout.

The benefits of taking Brain, Body and Balance group class are that it is taught by an instructor who specializes in working with older adults and you don’t need much equipment to get started.   Additionally this program combines exercise with a mental aspect that is great for brain health, memory and cognitive function.

So What Do You Need To Start

  • A Chair
  • A computer/tablet or lap top
  • A pair of weights ( or anything that weighs something)
  • An exercise band

While there are a few physical requirements to take the class, the great thing about our program is we make it customizable to each individual based on their fitness level and ability.

To find out more :
Contact: Eric Daw at 416-450-0892 or [email protected]