Hear Us Out. Listen to These Reasons to End the Stigma of Hearing Loss


Wondering whether or not you need a hearing aid is futile. You know. Can you hear the turn signal in the car? Is the TV always muffled and too quiet? Could it be that the stigma around hearing loss is holding you back?

A test won’t change who you are or what you can and cannot hear. It will, however, improve your quality of life and in some cases, brain function. We asked fellow Zoomers why they feel it’s time to end the stigma around hearing loss. Here’s what they had to say.

“It’s beyond my understanding why people hide hearing loss. It’s an invisible disability.”
—Alma, Vancouver

Do you wear reading glasses or contact lenses? No biggie, right? Just like changes to your vision, hearing loss can be a normal part of getting older. About one in five adults (nearly half of Canadians aged 65+) has a hearing loss.

“It would be so much more appreciated if all people understood that this is as natural as sight diminishing or muscle loss and it can be treated.”
—Arden, Kincaid

Maybe it was the loud concerts and nightclubs you went to when you were younger. Maybe it was a noisy career in the military, in construction, in a factory or in a kindergarten class. Or maybe it’s just years of daily wear and tear that slowly reduced your ability to hear. Whatever the cause of your hearing loss, you’ll most likely benefit from a hearing aid.

Stop asking others to repeat themselves, stop blaming your phone for not hearing clearly, and stop playing with the volume control on the TV. Don’t push off the dreaded hearing test any longer. The sooner you seek treatment, the better the outcome.

“I recently got my own hearing aids. Don’t hesitate like I did, it’s life-changing! They are rechargeable and hardly noticeable, but what a difference! I can now hear the birds singing and the frogs croaking, and conversations are crisp and clear. Don’t wait to get tested.”
—Vernon, Port Hope

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