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The pandemic has impacted our liberties and made it harder to get ‘out and about’. We are all getting more prone to sedentary behaviour and it is affecting our health. As the weather deteriorates, we have to find ways to keep moving and prioritise our health.

“To be a caregiver in these times is daunting to say the least” says Susan, 70, who is not only preoccupied with concern for herself, but also for her husband who has prostate cancer. “However, being a caregiver also motivates me to keep up the energy levels in the home. Some days, I would rather not go for a walk, I would rather sit inside, but I feel responsible because I know he’s not going to go if I don’t.”

Susan is one of two clients that Becky Zucco interviewed. Becky is an exercise physiologist with over 26 years’ experience changing the lives of those with chronic conditions. Her organization, WillKin Health, offers online exercise programs to clients like Susan.

“You don’t get to do the things you enjoy the most. Lunch with friends, sitting outdoors at a café or go watch movies together. Going for a walk is even getting harder these days. The weather is not as inviting as it was in the summer months”.

“It does get a bit depressing. We miss our families. Everybody’s thinking about Christmas time,” she said with regard to her friends.

When asked about her exercise routine, she says, “Quite frankly, I am someone who enjoys exercising with an instructor. It just feels so much better. It’s not just someone telling you what to do. They’re there, and they’re doing it with you. They’re walking you through it.”

Another client – Nicky, 60, is a patient living with chronic pain.

“During the first wave, we planned groceries to ensure we spend as little time as possible in crowded spaces. Now we simply get them delivered. So we don’t even need to go out for them”.

When asked about her levels of activity, she said, “I make it a point to take time out of my day to go on walks at least twice. During the first wave, having my daughter around helped because we used her lunch breaks to take a quick stroll and catch up. Now she is staying with her partner, it’s harder to stay motivated”

“I think staying active helps with my mindset a lot. Negative emotions weigh us down. We start feeling heavier. When we move our bodies, we start to transform the nervous energy inside of us to more positive energy.  Too easy to put it off.”

Exercise and human connection go hand in hand. The experience of another individual guiding us, for safety and encouragement also inspires us to perform at our best. We need, more than ever, to feel strong and empowered.

We may not have control over much in these unpredictable times, but we can use our minds and bodies to create comfort in the present moment and maintain our sense of optimism.

Choose from 10 affordable programs catering to conditions from ageing to back pain to cancer.  Science-based exercise, tailored to their health needs as well as providing lifestyle education and tools to help them maintain their routine.  All our programs are adapted for online delivery by expert professionals via Zoom.

We are here for you. Connect with us from the comfort of your home. The programs have been designed for your benefit and can be tailored to suit your needs. You can reach us by one of the following methods:

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