7 Ways Caregivers and Their Loved Ones Benefit from Better Hearing


The life of a caregiver is busy and often difficult, whether you’re caring for your spouse, aging relative or friend, advocating for your loved ones is the utmost responsibility. Consider their hearing. Is it in decline? Here are 7 ways better hearing can improve the quality of both your lives.

1. It keeps conversations going.

Good hearing helps your loved ones be better communicators and listeners; it helps them make more meaningful conversations, tender moments and trips down memory lane. They stop missing out and feel part of the group again at family dinners and celebrations. It’s not surprising that many first-time hearing aid users experience significant improvements in their relationships.

2. It helps you do activities together.

Hearing loss can cause mental sharpness, focus and memory to suffer. Addressing your loved one’s hearing loss may improve their ability to concentrate, which is perfect for doing activities like playing cards or games, doing a puzzle, or solving a crossword.

3. It helps you share the sounds of life.

Giving your loved one the gift of better hearing can help you share the soothing moments of nature — the pitter-patter of raindrops, the crunching of autumn leaves or the birds chirping. They can rediscover their favourite music, especially with advanced hearing aids that bring back a richness to the missing sounds, helping them hear songs as they “used to” sound.

4. It helps improve peace of mind.

Hearing difficulties can affect balance and are associated with triple the risk of falling.1 The thought of not hearing an intruder, a car horn, or a fire alarm is scary. By treating their hearing loss, you’ll both feel better knowing they’re safer, particularly when you’re not there.

5. It helps you be a more effective caregiver.

It’s your role to care for your loved one’s physical and emotional well-being, and hearing loss affects both. Trouble hearing leaves your loved one vulnerable to anxiety, irritability and depression. A mild case of hearing loss can double their risk of cognitive decline, and a moderate case triples their risk. Untreated hearing loss may increase the risk of stroke by 30% and of heart attack by 36%,2 yet only 16% of doctors routinely screen for it.3 Isn’t it time you had your loved one’s hearing tested for their overall health?

6. You can enjoy movies and TV shows.

Imagine if you could watch a show together without arguing over how loud it is and whether to have closed captions on. With Bluetooth technology, your loved one can connect their hearing aids wirelessly to the TV and listen at their preferred volume while you listen at yours.

7. It boosts your mood.

Caring for someone with untreated hearing loss can leave you exhausted, stressed and burned out from the daily grind, coupled with the frustration of communicating with someone who doesn’t fully understand you. When you’re constantly repeating yourself or raising your voice, you can feel angry and impatient. Think about how much better you’ll feel when they can actually hear what you’re saying.

Help your loved one take the first step toward better hearing.

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