Europe’s Greatest Hits: 3 Guaranteed-to-Please Destinations


Spain, Portugal and France are three of Europe’s most popular destinations, and it’s easy to see why. From the romance of France to the vibrant energy of Spain to the diversity of the Portuguese landscape, there’s something to please every traveller in any of these three magnificent countries.


Whether you want to visit famous locales, participate in a cooking class, or explore endless coastlines, Collette has a trip to Portugal for every traveller. With expert tour managers right by your side, you will explore ancient fortresses, dine in waterfront cafés, visit thermal baths and everything in between.

The Portuguese landscape is nothing if not diverse. With imposing mountains, sandy beaches, coastal cliffs, and volcanic caves, this country is home to a vast collection of natural settings. Not only do the landscapes offer plenty to explore, Portuguese cuisine does not disappoint.

You can expect a variety of delights from incredibly fresh and tasty seafood to wonderful olives, cheeses and delectable pastries all paired with the perfect locally made wines.


From bustling Barcelona to traditional Seville, from the famous wine vineyards to the picturesque cathedrals, you can experience the captivating culture of Spain. With Collette, you will be immersed in a country full of natural beauty, legendary architecture, and mouthwatering cuisine. You’ll explore captivating cities and indulge your appetites, savouring the local flavours. Whether you have an eye for architecture or a flare for flamenco dancing, Collette has a tour to Spain for any traveller.

From Modernist sculptures to medieval architecture, Spain is the home to a rich assortment of culture. Whether you dream of snacking on tapas or sampling paella, the tastes and colours of Spain will captivate you. You will be immersed in lively cities one day and then journey through the beautiful countryside the next.


It may sound a bit cliché, but France is truly a destination that pleases everyone who visits. You can travel through iconic Paris, one of the world’s greatest and most beautiful cities. You can step back in time in Carcassonne and explore the romantic cobblestone streets. Exploring Avignon in the heart of Provence on the banks of the Rhone River will provide you with a glimpse into the country’s fascinating art and culture.

As if experiencing the incredible cities, towns and villages of France wasn’t enough, the country’s gastronomical delights are every bit as compelling. From rich savoury dishes to the most delicate pastries and astounding wine, there’s plenty for the palate to explore as well.

With so much to offer in these three must-see European destinations, you are sure to find a Collette tour that delivers beauty, amazement, and delight at every turn. You will come back to book again after experiencing the Collette difference.

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