Exercise at Home with In Form Studio

Regular exercise may not be for everyone but as research has shown, there are many benefits to becoming and staying physically active such as increased energy, decreased stress, reduced fall risk and improved day to day function just to mention a few.  Physiologically, the human body naturally declines over time however, the rate varies from person to person. By engaging in regular physical activity, you can add more quality rich years to your life and may just find yourself running up a flight of stairs when you’re 80….It’s possible!

Meet Britt, the founder of In Form Studio; a fitness professional, mother of two and someone who is passionate about helping others improve their overall fitness and health.  Over her 15 year career as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Britt has worked with many clients with varying degrees of fitness levels, abilities and ages. With care and enthusiasm, she continuously achieves her personal goal of motivating, educating and inspiring others to lead a more healthy and active lifestyle.  While at University, she volunteered at the McMaster Seniors Fitness Facility, where her love for helping active agers blossomed.  Throughout her career, she has had the opportunity to teach in a variety of settings; from big box gyms, corporate facilities, outdoor parks, small studios, condominiums to clients’ homes.  She is now excited to try something new and offer virtual fitness classes.  A growing trend in the fitness industry as many fitness facilities sadly have had to close doors or operate with reduced capacity over this year.  With this pivot and new direction in mind, Britt was eager to create a user friendly and easily accessible virtual exercise space for the older adult; a supportive and friendly community to help you stay accountable to your exercise routine and inspire you to move more every day.

“I aspire to equip people with the right knowledge and motivation to help them move and feel better in their everyday life.”  – Britt Hafner, Founder of In Form Studio

At In Form Studio, we believe that “if you’re moving, you’re winning.”  We have put together a weekly workout routine, involving three specialized classes which will help you build strength, balance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and mobility.  Our ultimate goal is to have you functioning well every day and for years to come.  Classes are streamed live so there is a sense of community and exercises are tailored (but not limited) to those 60 and older.  Additionally, when you sign up for a one month or 3 month membership, you will have the opportunity to book one-on-one calls with your coach, who will provide extra support around goal setting.  Let In Form Studio be one of the highlights of your day! We look forward to meeting you.


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