Planes, Trains, Automobiles … and Incontinence: Tips for Managing Incontinence While Travelling


If you’ve got a bucket list of travel destinations, don’t let incontinence stop you from going where you want to go and doing what you love. With some advance planning and smart packing, you can be confident, relaxed and ready for anything.

Pack It Up

Knowing you have the incontinence protection you need is the first step to enjoying your holiday.

Depend® Silhouette for women and Real Fit for men offer a sleek design that’s unnoticeable under clothes for all-day confidence and trusted protection. Depend® Night Defense gives you up to 12 hours of protection for overnight stays. Calculate what you’ll need for the duration of your trip – and then add a little extra, for any unexpected circumstances that might come up.

It will be easier to enjoy extended day excursions – whether that means hiking in the woods or wandering through a new city — if you have a grab-and-go bag that’s filled with back-up incontinence products, a change of clothes and sealable plastic bags.

And sometimes the best strategy is to not pack everything: If you’re planning for a long stay at an out-of-the-way resort or hotel, consider shipping incontinence products directly to your destination ahead of time to save on suitcase space.

Map It Out

When it comes to car trips, it’s easier to enjoy the freedom of the open road when you know where and when you can get a bathroom break. You’ll probably want to plan for a rest stop about every two to three hours.

Likewise, exploring an unfamiliar locale on foot might feel daunting if you’re worried about being able to find a washroom at short notice.

Fortunately, there’s an app for these situations. Downloaded onto your iPhone or Android device, the GoHere Washroom Locator App, developed by Crohn’s and Colitis Canada, helps you map out public washrooms along a route or instantly locate the closest available washroom anywhere in the country. Other free apps, such as Flush and Bathroom Scout, will take you around the world. (Some apps even add bathroom cleanliness ratings!)

It can also be handy to learn how to say, “Where is the restroom?” in the language of your host country. Why not brush up on your Italian (“Dov’è il bagno, per favore?”) or German (“Wo ist die Toilette, bitte?) before there’s an emergency?

Flight Plan

Nobody really likes long plane flights, but they can be even more fraught for people dealing with incontinence. A few practical tips can make the experience easier.

Your initial impulse might be to limit your liquid intake, but you also want to avoid the dehydrating effects of air travel. The best way to stay hydrated is to sip some plain water and avoid alcohol, coffee and carbonated drinks, which can be bladder irritants.

Make sure you have a change of clothes and the Depend® products you need in your carry-on bag – and prepare for the possibility that there might be delays.

And remember, everything is easier with a pre-booked aisle seat.

Be in the Moment: Maybe you want to explore new places and embrace new experiences. Maybe you want to revisit familiar spots and catch up with old friends. Whatever travel means to you, don’t let the minor inconvenience of incontinence become a major obstacle.

Once you’ve done the planning and preparation and once you know you have the right products on hand, then it’s time to relax, recharge and really enjoy whatever might come up.

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