2021 Vision: In Conversation with Life Sciences Pioneer Brent Zettl


As we kick off the New Year and look back on 20 years of medical cannabis in Canada, Zoomer sat down with a true pioneer of the industry, Brent Zettl, CEO of ZYUS Life Sciences to learn about the progress he has seen in his two decades in the industry and get his thoughts on the past, present and future of cannabinoids in Canada.

Q: Brent, you are a true pioneer in this area, and have been in the industry for two decades. What makes you passionate about this industry?

Brent: “I am more passionate about plant-made therapies now than ever before. It’s about knowing that we are helping to improve the human condition. I know that cannabinoids and other plant-made therapeutics can improve quality of life immeasurably for patients, and I am dedicated to helping make a real difference for people in Canada and around the world.”

Q: The last 20 years have seen a lot of change in the Canadian cannabis market. What’s next for the industry?

 Brent: “At ZYUS, we are focused on leading the development of the next generation of life sciences therapies. To propel plant-made therapeutics to the next level, ZYUS is investing in clinical research to further the scientific understanding of cannabinoids and the transformational impact they can have on patient outcomes. With science as a driver, we believe that an evidence-based approach, backed with clinical data, will lead to the development of best-in-class formulations.”

Q: Where do you see the biggest opportunities for plant-made therapeutics moving forward?

Brent: “One of ZYUS’ key research areas is pain management – both chronic and neuropathic. The Canadian Pain Task Force recently reported that 1 in 5 Canadians live with chronic pain. That is totally unacceptable. Cannabinoids have the potential to improve quality of life for these 7 million+ Canadians. If the opioid crisis has taught us anything, it’s that we need options to manage pain.  To that means, our team of experts are developing cannabinoid-based formulations to help improve quality of life for patients.”

Q: What advice do you have for those interested in cannabinoids?

 Brent: “ Try to make an informed decision relative to your individual conditions.  First, talk to your healthcare practitioner (HCP) about cannabinoids, or ask for a referral for getting more information. Foster an open, honest conversation so your HCP can make an informed decision based on your symptoms and medical history.”

 Q: What is next for ZYUS Life Sciences?

 Brent: “Simply put, the mission is not over. There is still an unmet patient need for effective, standardised plant-made medicine. ZYUS’ short-term focus is bringing innovative cannabinoid formulations to market,  accessible through ZYUS.ca in Canada, and coming soon to pharmacies around the world, tapping into a population of 800+ million people. The field of life sciences holds so much untapped potential, and I believe that plant-made therapeutics like cannabinoids have the potential to restore health and well-being for people around the world. The team at ZYUS is here because we care and are dedicated to helping make life more liveable for everyone.”

Ready to transform your chronic pain management? Cannabinoids could offer a more sustainable, plant-made solution to help you manage your symptoms. Talk to your healthcare practitioner and visit zyus.ca to find out more.