When It Comes to Exercise, Avoid the Latest Fads


Enjoyment of a healthy life into old age is no accident. Everywhere we turn we are confronted with an endless amount of information- advertising, self-help books, articles and guided programs. Trying to find the right regimen and plan for you may be disheartening, and some choices may even pose serious risk to your health. Consulting with a regulated health professional who is accountable to a regulatory body is one of the best ways to ensure you receive advice that is not only results-oriented, but safe to follow.

Kinesiologists are regulated health professionals who understand human movement and performance, and its rehabilitation and management. The College of Kinesiologists regulates kinesiologists working in Ontario. The College is not a school; it’s a regulatory body that exists to protect your rights to competent, safe and ethical kinesiology services from qualified individuals. Registered kinesiologists can help you achieve realistic health goals by:

Conducting an assessment;
developing a clear understanding of conditions impacting health; and
prescribing exercise and other lifestyle changes to address health issues.

The College sets the standards for practice and creates registration requirements for entry to the profession so that only qualified individuals can practise kinesiology. Only people registered with the College can call themselves kinesiologists. A registered kinesiologist has completed a science-based education program offered at the university level and participates yearly in professional development to enhance their practice.

Even more importantly, registered kinesiologists are accountable to the College for the services they provide to you. If you have concerns about the services you receive from a registered kinesiologist, you can contact the College and they will investigate.

Good health is an investment. Ensuring you receive value goes beyond following the latest exercise fad or working with someone who may not be properly qualified. To find a registered kinesiologist in your area, visit www.coko.ca and use the “Find a Kinesiologist” tool to verify that your practitioner is registered and in good standing.