The Greening of our Medicine Cabinets: How Plants are Forging New Pathways in Medicine


Plants are getting their moment in the sun and growing in popularity. We’ve seen a massive surge towards plant-based diets, and medicine is poised to become the next green frontier, according to ZYUS Life Sciences – a Canadian company leading scientific research and development of the next generation of phyto-therapeutics. Zoomer sat down with ZYUS CEO Brent Zettl to help us understand plant-made therapeutics and get his scientific perspective on the greening of our medicine cabinets.

“The first step is to understand the term ‘phyto-therapeutics’,” says Mr. Zettl. “This is an emerging field of medicine that utilizes plant-made compounds for medical purposes. In recent Canadian history, cannabinoids (the active ingredients in cannabis plants) have been gaining traction and may be an effective management strategy for various conditions, including pain management.”

Harnessing the Power of Plants

For millennia, humans have been harnessing the power of plants to treat both mental and physical conditions, yet this space has largely been ignored by scientific research. In fact, cannabinoids have been used in medicine for thousands of years, but science has barely scratched the surface of their full therapeutic potential. Now, companies like ZYUS Life Sciences are working to shift the paradigm from conventional strategies by reimagining the potential of phyto-therapeutics, including innovative cannabinoid-based formulations.

“At ZYUS, we are taking an evidence-based approach to accelerate the adoption of plant sciences,” says Mr. Zettl. “We are working closely with researchers, policy makers and healthcare practitioners to establish standards and protocols for the effective use of cannabinoids and plant-made therapeutics. We are also exploring how ZYUS’ proprietary bio-technology platform can leverage plants to open new doors to research and therapies, like in the fight against COVID-19 or addressing the opioid crisis.”

While phyto-therapeutics like cannabinoids are gaining acceptance, change takes time. A pioneer in the industry, ZYUS has invested in scientific research to establish new treatment guidelines and provide quality, tested, and standardized plant-made formulations to manage a range of symptoms. By leading the development of the next generation of plant-made therapeutics, ZYUS hopes to alleviate pain and suffering and have a transformative impact on patient lives.

Think Green

What does this mean for you and your healthcare? Mr. Zettl strongly suggests discussing any new treatment options with your healthcare practitioner. He cites cannabinoids as the most recent green wave of plant-made therapeutics that are improving quality of life for many patients. You owe it to yourself to investigate if they could help manage your symptoms.

“ZYUS believes in the power of plants but we also believe in marrying science with compassion,” adds Mr. Zettl. “We get excited by the research because patient care is at the heart of everything we do. Our mission is to unlock the extraordinary potential of plant-made therapeutics to help all patients improve their quality of life – and our mission will not end until we can restore health and well-being to people around the world.”

Ready to add plant power to your healthcare?

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