Making the Most of Video Calls


Despite 2020 being an unprecedented year for all of us, Zoomers discovered ways to stay connected. Last year proved that a simple smartphone could help build stronger bonds even though we are all at home. This is all made possible through video calling.

Here are some fun ways to keep your video calls exciting and entertaining.

1. Celebrate online – social gatherings are restricted, but we can still celebrate birthdays and other milestones together through video calls. Apps like Zoom allow you to create online meetings in advance. After creating a meeting, you can easily share or invite other people to join the scheduled video call.

Once in the call, you and the guests can have a normal conversation and share stories, just like you would if everyone was in the same room. Make it fun by singing happy birthday, enjoying a meal together and lifting your glasses for a group toast!

Because of video calling, you can still celebrate a grandchild’s birthday, spend holidays together and have reunions with friends and family worldwide.

2. Group activity– even if there’s no special occasion happening, you can still schedule video calls and enjoy a group activity.

Here are a few ideas: watch a movie or TV show together, have a weekly book club, cook/eat together, play games or have a trivia night. There’s no limit to what kind of group meeting or hobby you can share.

3. Online classes– another way Zoomers can take advantage of video calls is by attending webinars and relevant online classes. You can learn to speak a new language, skills like photography and exercise in a fitness class with friends and family. This is also an excellent opportunity to meet new people and socialize.

Most people are still experiencing difficulties coping with the pandemic, lockdown and self-isolation. We still live in difficult times and continue to adjust to a new normal, but thanks to video calls we can draw strength from our loved ones by hearing their voices and seeing their faces in the safety of our own homes. We can still experience a sense of community, be physically and mentally engaged, be present in special life events and most importantly, be there for the people that matter most.

Note that video callings apps require a data connection. To avoid data overages in your wireless plan, make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi while on video calls.

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