Finding the positive: good financial news for retirees


The pandemic has upended nearly every aspect of the normal life we once enjoyed. The way we work, connect with each other, visit with family and friends, and even do ordinary things like go grocery shopping has completely changed in the past year in an effort to keep us safe and protected. In the midst of all the upheaval, it can be difficult to see anything beyond the struggles Canadians are facing right now.

The fact is, we’re desperate for good news stories—for anything that will make us feel hopeful and positive about the future that lies ahead, because it seems that there isn’t a lot to feel good about these days.

But there is.

A very powerful survival story has been playing out since COVID-19 interrupted our lives, and it’s one that retirees who are craving financial stability should be very interested in following. The pandemic has had a transformative effect on several sectors and industries, particularly health care, which has been pushed to the forefront during this crisis. Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson have become household names, and even people who haven’t typically followed the fortunes of biotechs now have conversational knowledge of companies like AstraZeneca.

There are more than 50 vaccine candidates currently in trials around the world. That’s an astounding achievement considering they’re being created to prevent the spread of a virus we didn’t even know about until a year ago.

We’re witnessing the global impact of vaccine development in real time, and as the population continues to age, more innovation and new, emerging medical technology will be required to treat illnesses that will impact a greater percentage of the population. The fact is, this sector is primed for growth because the demand for prescription drugs and other therapeutics is steadily growing too.

Obviously this is good news from a health perspective—but for those nearing retirement, this also presents a wonderful opportunity to explore options like the Harvest Healthcare Leaders Income ETF from Harvest Portfolios Group.

All Harvest ETFs are based on the underlying philosophy that true wealth is created by owning great businesses over the long term—ones that have demonstrated that they are, and will continue to be, leading organizations and strong global players. The pandemic has done a remarkably good job of revealing who some of these leaders in the health care sector are.

Designed to provide steady income and growth potential, ETF’s are ideal for retirement income needs because they are focused on delivering consistent income while remaining invested in established, dividend-paying businesses. And because that income can be taken or invested back into the ETF, it’s a one-stop-shop for growing your retirement capital over time, while paying yourself a steady income.

Rather than picking one company at a time and having to manage when you buy and sell, an ETF allows you to simply and affordably buy into a sector like health care, and then take advantage of a variety of strong global organizations within it so that you can profit along with them. ETFs also have the potential to help you earn more money than the amount you are required to withdraw from your RRIF each year, should you have one, so it’s one way to keep steady income in your portfolio.

This isn’t about trying to take advantage during a difficult time—it’s about being proactive about protecting your retirement lifestyle and goals by being a smart and savvy investor. That means keeping an eye out for strong investment opportunities, and right now those are just about as clear as can be.

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