What Can I Do With My Future Cruise Credit?


Some Helpful Tips and Trends to Look Out For

Many of us cruise enthusiasts have unfortunately had our 2020 or 2021 journeys cancelled due to the current cruising pause. As disappointing as this may have been, it has opened up some excellent opportunities that you can take advantage of as cruise lines are getting creative in their deals and offers. In light of this, I’m sharing with you some insider industry insights and ways you can get the most out of your future cruise credit when we are able to set sail again.

Taking that once in a lifetime cruise

We all have at least one epic voyage on our wish list, be it an Antarctic expedition, a grand voyage, immersing ourselves in the island cultures of the South Pacific, transiting the Northwest Passage or a world cruise. Now is a great time to take advantage of your future cruise credit and make that happen. Staying home since March has allowed many of us to save the funds we would have normally spent on our annual cruise or vacation and many people are taking advantage of that and planning to make their return to cruising in a big way! Longer voyages are now within many cruisers’ reach and we are seeing many people invest in themselves and their future experience. Holland America Line’s 2022 Grand World Voyage, offering the opportunity to visit up to 35 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is almost sold out! And their 71-day 2021 Grand Africa Circumnavigation is quickly following suit. If a longer cruise is in your future, be sure to book early!

Taking a few short in-depth cruises

Some cruisers are taking the opportunity to double up on the future vacations from their missed 2021 sailing. More back to back sailings are being booked that will allow you to stay on the ship longer with linked cruise itineraries, like and Eastern Mediterranean cruise followed by a Western Mediterranean cruise, but you don’t have to pack and unpack, you can stay right on the ship.

Other cruisers are planning to cross multiple destinations off their wish list by booking a few cruises next year. Oceania’s Mediterranean and Caribbean sailings have been very popular for those warm water cruises during the change of seasons, paired with people exploring the ports of Northern Europe and the Baltic during the heat of our Canadian summer. Wherever you choose to cruise next year be sure to consult a Craig Travel Cruise Specialist who can help you pair the right voyages and get you there at the perfect time of year!

Cruising closer to home

Another trend is Canadians choosing to cruise closer to home next year. Many cruise lines are seeing their Alaska cruises and their Canada and New England voyages be a more comfortable and popular option for those of you that desire shorter flights and shorter sailings. There are some excellent one-week to ten day cruises right in our own back yard that will delight you and perhaps help you meet your comfort level, on smaller ships, visiting more remote ports.

Upgrading your cruise experience

Another option to get more out of your future cruise credit is booking your future voyage in a higher category. You can take this opportunity to make your sailing more luxurious by upgrading your usual stateroom category from an outside cabin to a veranda, or truly pamper yourself by upgrading your balcony to a suite. Remember, you’re worth it!

Moving up in the world

For those of you that have chosen a refund over a future cruise credit, there is another delightful option that we are seeing recently. There are a lot of cruisers that are reinvesting their refunded deposits from their cancelled cruises to try a new cruising experience. There are cruisers moving from the premium experience into upper premium and others moving into luxury. The value available right now is incredible and you can find a more lavish experience for about the same you would have paid for your favourite line. Be sure to consult a Craig Travel Cruise Specialist about finding the cruising experience that is right for you!

From east to west there is a lot going on in the world of cruising. I encourage you to take a good look at your wish list and see if one of those seemingly out-of-reach cruise experiences might be more realistic than you think with your future cruise credit combined with the amazing offers that are currently available. It just might surprise you how far those travel dollars will go. But remember there are lots of other cruisers with future cruise credits as well and with ships sailing at reduced capacity when things start back up again, you may find it a challenge to secure the cabin or sailing date you desire if you wait too long to book.

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Photo Credit: Holland America Line