Feel-good investing: can it support your retirement dreams?


Obviously, the primary reason people invest their money is to build up a nest egg that allows them to enjoy financial security in their retirement years. Being able to have the lifestyle you want after you’ve spent upwards of forty years working hard to earn a living is an important goal. But feeling good about the companies you’re investing in is also important to many investors, because helping to support ethical businesses that are focused on bringing about positive social change is an immensely satisfying way to pad that nest egg.

Doing good while making money? Why not!

Socially responsible investing is about being thoughtful and intentional with your money. Think about what’s important to you – about what initiatives you hope your money might support while it’s also busy supporting you.

For many socially responsible investors, choosing companies that are focused on clean, renewable energy like wind and solar power — and that consider their impact on the landscape, wildlife, and sensitive ecosystems – is critical. We are, after all, at a precarious point in history where climate change has created a crisis that is measurable by the number of extreme weather events occurring globally each year.

We’re at a tipping point, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that every little bit of effort the average Canadian makes – whether it’s reducing household waste, walking or biking instead of driving, having a few extra meatless meals, or choosing to invest in ethical companies – truly does make a difference.

But can focusing on socially responsible investing actually help you reach your financial goals? Is it as good for you as it is for the world around you?

If you choose the right investment vehicle, the answer is a resounding yes.

Take the Harvest Clean Energy ETF (HCLN), for example. All Harvest ETFs are based on the underlying philosophy that true wealth is created by owning great businesses over the long term—ones that have demonstrated that they are, and will continue to be, leading organizations and strong global players – and the HCLN ETF is no exception.

The first ETF of its kind in Canada, HCLN invests in companies that are engaged in clean-energy related businesses that are listed on a regulated stock exchange in select North American, Asian or European countries.

“We are very excited to launch this unique and cost effective clean energy ETF in Canada,” says Michael Kovacs, President and CEO of Harvest Portfolios Group Inc. “ This is an exciting and growing space; an area that is getting the proper political and societal attention it needs as more Canadians look to environmental factors when investing. There are large sources of government and private capital flowing into this space at unprecedented levels which we see continuing to grow into the future. With the changes going on in energy generation, the future is definitely clean.”

What makes the Harvest Clean Energy ETF different is that most socially responsible funds choose the best in class. That means you might actually be investing in an oil company, but it will be one that has the most exemplary record as far as environmental practices goes. The HCLN, on the other hand, invests in a portfolio of 40 of the largest clean, renewable energy companies. That includes organizations that focus on renewable power generation such as Northland Power, Scatec Solar and Meridian; as well as renewable equipment and services providers such as SunPower, First Solar, and Vestas.

This sector has seen steady growth since 2000, and having a homegrown, Canadian ETF that allows you to invest in a growing industry that’s going to continue to play an ever-larger part in our daily lives over time is a wonderful option for those looking for an investment solution focused on growth and income opportunities.

Clean energy is the future. Investing in that future simply make sense.

Talk to your financial advisor for more information and visit Harvest at harvestportfolios.com

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