Three Cheers for Home Run!


It’s not often we get excited about financial planning books, but this one is different.

If you missed the launch event for Home Run: The Reverse Mortgage Advantage on March 10th, Home Run’s co-author and retirement lifestyle expert Yvonne Ziomecki and Zoomer’s own David Cravit covered all the bases about this thought-provoking book. Ziomecki spoke about what inspired her and HomeEquity Bank’s CEO to write the book and why the CHIP Reverse Mortgage is in a league of its own compared to other lending solutions. View the replay below:

Times have changed when it comes to retirement planning – and so should your approach

HOME RUN: The Reverse Mortgage ADVANTAGE is about how best to manage change and embrace retirement while remaining financially secure with the funds to live the life you’ve dreamed. This book is a straightforward, candid resource for those 55 years and up, and their children, who are considering how to ensure that the retirement years are safe, secure and enjoyable.

In Home Run, HomeEquity Bank’s CEO Steven Ranson and Executive Vice President Yvonne Ziomecki cut through the myths about reverse mortgages as they help older adults weigh the pros and cons of the essential life decisions retirees and the soon-to-be-retired are facing now.

Both Ranson and Ziomecki are Canadian business leaders who have made reverse mortgages a reliable, smart and increasingly popular path to financial security and peace of mind for older adults as they age in the environment they know best, their home. In the book, they discuss how reverse mortgages work, how to apply for them and detail the new, flexible products HomeEquity Bank is offering Canadians. There are even recommendations on how families can make their homes safe, accessible and comfortable for years to come.

HOME RUN Throws No Curve Balls

This lively book, told in straightforward, no-nonsense language, introduces the reader to a wide range of HomeEquity’s clients, members of the HomeEquity team and customers who’ve successfully turned to a CHIP Reverse Mortgage when they’ve needed it most. If moving is not for you, be prepared to learn a great deal about how reverse mortgages actually work, and about how your home can become the cornerstone of your retirement.

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Three Cheers for Home Run!

“I believe in the CHIP Reverse Mortgage as a sound, secure financial tool to help Canadians stay in the home they love. I trust HomeEquity Bank and encourage Canadians to contact them and ask questions. The bank has provided financial security for so many.”
CHIP Reverse Mortgage Ambassador

“I’ve always espoused the benefits of aging in place. HomeEquity Bank offers a brilliant way of liberating a portion of the equity you’ve built up over the years without having to move and relocate. Traditionally you had to sell your house.”
CARP President

“I recommend the reverse mortgage to everybody. I talk about it all the time, but I talk about it in the context of ‘too bad more people aren’t using it.’”
President of Mortgage Architects, a national mortgage brokerage

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