Walk With Polar Bears in the Wild on a Purely Canadian Adventure


Last year about this time many of us were hurrying home from international destinations and wondering when we would ever travel again.

While holidaying in far-off places is still not advisable, Canadians are fortunate to have experiences within our borders that rival the best in the world.

Do you revel in wilderness and wide-open spaces?

Have you always wanted to go on safari?

How would you feel about meeting the largest land carnivore on the planet?

On his turf?

Every year, wildlife lovers and adventurers come from all over the world to the western shore of Hudson Bay to experience the exquisite thrill of walking in the path of polar bears with Canadian tour company Churchill Wild.

The company pioneered walking safaris with polar bears 25 years ago and offers them at three of its four wilderness lodges in northern Manitoba for rewarding, once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Their tours are so popular, they’re often booked years in advance.

And for good reasons.

Two-thirds of the world’s polar bears live in Canada and this particular stretch of coastline is thought to have the highest concentration. Approximately 900 bears migrate north, past Churchill Wild lodges every summer and fall as they wait for new ice to form on the bay.

The maximum group size at each lodge is just 16 guests. Two of their  lodges – Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge and Seal River Heritage Lodge – belong to National Geographic’s exclusive Unique Lodges of the World collection.

Depending on the lodge, you’ll see not just polar bears but foxes, wolves, hares, owls, ptarmigan, and in summer at Seal River lodge, belugas.

Guests often say the experience surpassed even their wildest expectations.

“We have seen the lions in Africa; the tigers in India; the grizzlies in Alaska; orangutans in Borneo; the penguins in the Antarctic,” wrote Marlies and Hartmut Thierfelder and Marlies & Siegfried Neubüser of Hamburg, Germany. “But one of the most beautiful places is Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge with their many polar bears. We were overwhelmed to experience so many, so close.”

Given the continuing uncertainties around travel,  Churchill Wild has amended its payment policies for new reservations for 2021. Now,  there are compelling, risk-free options.

The company also makes it easy to get to its remote fly-in only lodges. Their safaris are all-inclusive, meaning Churchill Wild takes care of everything once you arrive in Winnipeg. This includes your flight to Churchill and your private charter from Churchill to the lodge(s) of your choice.

Flying over the tundra, the excitement begins. You might see moose grazing in an estuary below, or sea ice forming like a giant jigsaw puzzle on Hudson Bay.

Once you arrive at your comfortable lodge, the company’s experienced polar bear guides will meet you and explain everything you need to know about walking safely in polar bear country.

Over the next few days you’ll go on numerous walks in the wild. Or you may choose to relax close to the lodge and observe wildlife from the protected enclosure or through a big picture window. You may be surprised to find that bears often come so close you don’t even need a big camera and zoom lens to get an amazing shot!

At the end of each day you’ll enjoy wine and appetizers by the fireplace, followed by a tasty meal served family style in the dining room.

Spending hours outdoors, largely cut off from the world beyond, you’ll come to understand firsthand the truth that nature nurtures.

With the stresses we’ve all endured this year, there’s no better time to book a safari close to home, yet far from the ordinary.

Plan your trip at churchillwild.com