Spring Into a Healthy Season


Are you finding it hard to stick to your weight loss goals? Do you need a plan that will last well beyond the first months of the new year? Try any of our diet /detox products to aim for your weight loss goals, the healthy and long-lasting way!

Are you in need of revitalization? Do you feel more tired, have more headaches, or are you noticing a growing belly? Then consider pro­moting your liver’s health as it might be affected. With Active LiverTM you have the tools to help do this on a daily basis. Detoxing has long been used as a kick starter of weight loss. But many people don’t like the short term detoxes. Active Liver is designed to be your daily detox tablet, providing the best detox ingredients, but in lower amounts, so that you can take them daily – all year long.

Zuccarin DietTM, a Swedish supplement made from mulberry leaf extract, is proven to help weight loss by slowing the absorption of carbs you eat. An Italian study of ZuccarinTM showed an average weight loss of 20 pounds in just 90 days. The test group lost 10% of their total body weight and 3 times more weight than the control group, while on the same calorie-controlled diet.

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