Redefining Wellness in Senior Living


Parkland is more than a home, it’s a community where we understand that wellness is the key to enjoying life. Our signature Harmony Wellness Program ensures every resident is engaged in their community from day one through a variety of on-site activities and events such as live entertainment, wine and cheese socials, fitness classes or scheduled outings. With Wellness Coaches to help design a plan that connects interests and ambitions with campus and community activities, residents can live their best life at Parkland.

There is something for everyone. With a long list of amenity spaces, select locations offer movie theatres, swimming pools, fitness and yoga studios, on-site spas, and restaurant-style dining. At Parkland, meeting like-minded individuals to share your time with is easy.

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Live life to the finest

The Harmony Wellness Program is designed to stimulate the mind, body and spirit. Our wellness team uses a holistic approach to help residents learn new skills and continue to do what they love. Lorraine Shaw is a Recreation and Wellness Manager at Parkland on Eglinton West. She says helping residents discover new passions through programming is one of her favourite things about her job. “I think a lot of people assume that once you get to a certain age that there’s no way for you to learn new skills, but there’s always new things you can explore,” she says.

Parkland’s Signature Harmony Wellness Program

Wellness that’s catered to you

The entire team at Parkland is dedicated to taking care of every need. Residents’ interests, preferences, health and wellbeing are always top of mind and inspire us to deliver a level of service and care that exceeds expectations.

While the pandemic has created unique challenges, Lorraine believes that it’s given her the opportunity to get to know each resident and their unique needs. Prior to the pandemic, this was done in a group setting, but now there are one-on-one meetings. “We really get to learn each resident’s interests and needs. I think sometimes within a group setting, residents may not voice preferences but when it’s a one-on-one experience, we build a special connection so we can serve the resident better,” says Lorraine. “We pride ourselves on getting to know our residents and customizing programming.”

Designed so you can keep doing what you love

Lorraine Shaw, teaching a virtual yoga class for residents on Parkland TV.


Getting creative with programming

In a time of social isolation and physical distancing, resident wellbeing is more important than ever. The wellness team at Parkland has been busy creating safe programming that stimulates the mind, body and soul. “I think about every detail of a program now,” says Lorraine. “I’m often leaning on different departments like the nursing team for their advice and how we can make programming as safe as possible for the residents.”

In recent months, Parkland on the Glen and Parkland on Eglinton West launched Parkland TV, a dedicated cable station that features custom content designed to keep residents connected and entertained in their suites. Lorraine says Parkland TV is great for reaching residents that enjoy group programming as well as the residents who are more introverted. “There are residents who wouldn’t come down to programs, but are active on the Parkland TV, and I feel like it’s just a way to connect,” she says. “We’ve been thinking outside the box a lot and we see that we have a lot of opportunities.”

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Keeping residents safe

Being a family-owned business means that residents and team members are treated like family, so we take the safety of those living and working in our communities very seriously. Parkland has its own in-house infection prevention and control specialist, along with an occupational and clinical health team, who ensure that Parkland has the most relevant and up-to-date information to protect each community. Parkland’s organizational procurement lead ensures all front-line teams have the resources and PPE necessary to meet the needs of residents each day. Residents and their families have peace of mind, knowing that all residents are in a safe environment, supported by our dedicated and caring team members.

Parkland’s commitment to safety

Retirement living in Ontario

Parkland on the Glen in Mississauga and the newly opened Parkland on Eglinton West both have suites available, offering a continuum of lifestyle options to suit a variety of needs. With new Parkland locations coming to Ajax and Ancaster in 2023, residents will experience our premium accommodations, exclusive services and amenities that allow residents to live their best life.

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