How to Celebrate Hearing Awareness Month in May 2021


Our 2021 theme for Hearing Awareness Month is “Switch Life On.”

For many hearing aid wearers, the difference in hearing with and without a hearing aid is night and day. Once you are fitted with a hearing aid suited to your hearing loss, you reconnect to a world of sounds—many of which you may not have known you were missing!

The truth? Many of us take our hearing for granted.

Every day, our hearing plays a crucial role in keeping us social, safe, and healthy. Have you ever wondered how your average day would unfold if you had a hearing loss?

A hearing loss can make it difficult for you to hear the ring of your alarm clock in the morning, your slippers slapping against the kitchen tiles as you walk, or the bubble of your morning cup of coffee or tea.

If all of this seems mundane, imagine stepping outside and not hearing oncoming traffic, or experiencing not only your frustration, but the frustration of others because you can’t hear what they are saying.

There are unexpected benefits to better hearing.

Researchers have long discovered a strong connection between hearing health and overall wellbeing.1 It is important, now more than ever during these challenging times, to stay connected to the people who matter the most.

Better hearing can:

  • Improve your communications
  • Increase your confidence
  • Increase your openness to new experiences
  • Improve ability to concentrate
  • Reduce feelings of anxiety
  • Reduce your risk of dementia
  • Reduce your risk of stroke2

When you miss out on the sounds and conversations that strengthen your relationships and keep you safe, you could be at greater risk for depression and social isolation.

Fortunately, a hearing test with a hearing professional can provide useful insights into your hearing health, including evidence of a hearing loss and how to best treat it.

What can you expect at a hearing appointment?

When you arrive, here is what you can expect:

  1. An initial discussion with your hearing professional on your medical history and any aspects of your lifestyle that could affect your hearing.
  2. Your ear examination. Your hearing professional perform a painless examination of your ear. This will help rule out other reasons, (i.e., earwax build up or infection,) as the cause of your hearing issues.
  3. You will take a full audiological assessment (hearing test) administered by your hearing professional.
  4. Finally, your hearing professional will discuss your results and provide recommendations for your hearing.

This May, prioritize your hearing heath.

The most common hearing loss is age-related, and there is no recognized cure. So, if you don’t have a hearing loss, Hearing Awareness Month is the perfect time to brush up on your prevention strategies.

If you do have a hearing loss, or have concerns about your hearing health, HearingLife Canada has three exciting AIR MILES® Reward Miles offers that you can take advantage of during the month of May:

  • Get 10 Miles when you complete their online hearing test
  • Get 2x the Miles when you complete your first free in-clinic hearing test
  • Get up to 3,000 Miles with your hearing aid purchase

Start your journey to better hearing.

HearingLife offers free hearing aid trials to give everyone the opportunity to experience this life-changing difference in hearing.

Clients are first given a free hearing test to determine whether a) they actually have a hearing loss, and b) that the hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids.

Once your diagnosis is confirmed, your hearing professional will recommend a hearing aid suited to your needs, lifestyle, and budget. Then, your free trial begins!

Like what you hear? Purchase the hearing aids after your trial. Otherwise, return the hearing aids in working condition at no cost to you.

Ready to celebrate Hearing Awareness Month? Visit to book your free hearing appointment today!

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[2] 52 Benefits of Healthy Hearing. E-book, HearingLife Canada.