Topology at IRIS: Perfect Fit, Exceptional Vision and Remarkable Style


Has it happened to you? You see the perfect frame, try it on and find it isn’t perfect for you at all? Eyeglasses are made to fit everyone, but each of us is unique! For some of us, it’s tough to find a frame that we love that also fits perfectly.

Frustrating when you realize the difference between a frame that is comfortable and looks great and one that is less flattering, slips off or leaves marks on your nose is often just a matter of millimetres.  Happily, IRIS, together with Topology Eyewear, embrace your uniqueness and offer you quality glasses custom-tailored to your specific facial measurements.

Frames that fit like a glove are now possible!  Next time you visit IRIS, ask for a 3D facial scan and unlock the perfect fitting made-to-measure eyewear option.  Our new technology collects 20,000 measurements in minutes to produce a millimetre-accurate model of your face.  Once your facial scan is done, finding your perfect frame is easy.

Did you know our Topology scan is done in-store using an iPad while you sit or stand comfortably?

Are you looking for eyewear that mirrors your unique personality and style?  Bespoke Eyewear from Topology is crafted with your choice of Italian acetate or stainless steel in an amazing selection of colours, patterns and finishes.  The frame design can be modified; a little smaller, a little larger, and by using our virtual fitting technology, you can see exactly how the finished frame will look on your face.  For total customization, your name can be etched in the temple.

At IRIS, our goal is to improve the vision of Canadians while bringing the experience of better vision to life!  We invite you to experience a 3-D scan and learn more about this amazing technology.

Here’s a tip. Once you have completed your 3D scan, you can explore frame styles to discover what is perfect for you without trying on every frame in the store!  Whether you are ready to jump in with custom-made eyewear or just wondering how this year’s styles work on your face, ask for your complimentary scan.

Topology will meet your expectations with beautiful custom-made frames, and IRIS will pair them with lenses selected for your needs and your lifestyle. Your one-of-a-kind purchase will be protected with IRIS warranties and our No Matter What Guarantee.

Book an appointment today to get your face scanned!

CARP members receive exceptional benefits at IRIS:

  • $150 towards any complete pair of prescription eyewear (frame and lenses valued at $250 or more) or prescription sunglasses
  • $50 towards the purchase of an annual supply of contact lenses
  • $50 towards non-prescription sunglasses valued at $100 or more
  • $500 towards vision correction procedures at our ophthalmology clinic in Laval, Quebec
  • $25 towards the purchase of 3 or more bottles of Eye Omega Benefits 240 Gel Caps

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