The Benefits of Guided Travel


Planning your travel can sometimes feel like a daunting task. You don’t want to get bogged down in the logistics of arranging transportation, accommodations, food, and sightseeing. You’d rather focus on the incredible times ahead, the sights you’re going to see, the food you’re going to try, and the cultures you’re going to encounter. How do you get around the workload of planning travel and get right to the exciting parts? Guided tours are the best way to do that — hands down.

Guided tours can make organizing and going on your trip hassle and worry free. The only thing you should be planning on is enjoying yourself, so a guided tour company that takes care of transportation and logistics during your tour is ideal. Guided tours get you from place to place, most often, by coach. You can sit back and take in the sights as your coach cruises you to your next hotel stay. Your hotels, too, have been booked for you ahead of time, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Where you’re going and how you get there has already been taken care of. Most companies will even get you from your house to the airport and back again, so you don’t have to worry about traffic, navigating the airport, or paying huge amounts to park.

They’re not just planning out your coach routes and hotel stays on a guided tour, though. Your accommodations are arranged ahead of time and they’re often centrally located hotels that give you access to the hearts of cities. If they’re off the beaten path, that’s usually because of incredible views or unique amenities that give travellers something extra.

We also know we travel with our stomachs as much as our eyes, so guided tours often try to include delicious meals, along with culinary experiences designed to delight your palate. This is all included in handcrafted tours planned by industry experts. The best guided-tour itineraries are perfectly balanced between must-sees, cultural experiences, and plenty of free time.

Guided travel experiences can go anywhere in the world. From the plains of Africa, where you can see some of the most breathtaking animals on Earth, to Europe, where thousands of years of rich history have created a vast tapestry of art and architecture. You can even take one to the planet’s last frontier: Antarctica. With options to travel to all seven continents and with itineraries that can focus on different countries or themes, everyone can find a guided tour that appeals to them.

Oftentimes, on a guided tour, you have resources available to you while on tour but also back at home. Your tour manager will be a wealth of knowledge, able to point out the great things about your destination you might miss on your own. They’ll be a go-to resource for any down time you have scheduled and they know their destinations like the back of their hand. Restaurant suggestions, museum recommendations — they’ll have it all. At home, you should also be able to rely on the tour company’s resources and their customer support should be supporting you even while you’re on tour.

Guided travel is perfect for a solo traveller as well. What might seem like a daunting trip to a place you’re not familiar with suddenly becomes less so when you’re surrounded by friendly faces from the start. There’s no better way to forge new and lasting friendships than by joining a group of people who all love to travel and experiencing a new destination together. Plus, you’ll feel the security of a group and a planned itinerary, so you can boldly travel to the far corners of the globe without thinking twice.

The benefits of choosing a guided travel experience are countless, but they all add up to making your time in your destination the best possible. Your logistics are handled, your transportation and accommodations are booked, your itinerary is mapped out for you to hit all the must-see sights plus the hidden attractions you might miss on your own. You’re with a group of travellers just waiting to become friends, plus you have a tour manager by your side and a team of customer support experts just a phone call away. It might be time to look into guided travel for your next trip.

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