The CareEasy App – Designed to Make Caregiving Easier


The easy-to-use mobile-app provides caregivers with the resources and assistance they need to look after their aging loved ones.

If you’re caring for an elderly parent, you know firsthand just how complicated and multi-faceted that care can be: from coordinating meals and doctor’s appointments, to figuring out who’s picking up (and paying for!) Mom’s prescriptions, or driving Dad to physiotherapy. You need a team to juggle it all — and you need an easy way to coordinate and communicate among team members. That’s where CareEasy can help.


Circles of Care

Effective communication may just be the most important element in coordinating your loved one’s care. CareEasy has created Circles of Care to make sure that everyone involved in caring can easily keep in touch with each other — creating a supportive network with your loved one at the centre.

Once you’ve created your Circle of Care, the app allows you to add members directly from your Contacts, via their mobile phone numbers or by email. (Note: members can be removed at any time.)




Caring for an elderly parent can be rewarding. But it can also be incredibly stressful. That’s why it’s so important for caregivers to get help wherever they can.  The “Tasks” feature on the CareEasy  app lets caregivers schedule and share the tasks related to your loved one’s care within your Circle of Care.

Once you’ve created and assigned a task to a member of your circle, they’ll be notified. Once they’ve completed the task, the assignee can check it off in the app by tapping “Mark as Complete.” And, once it’s checked off, the app will notify the task creator. That way, everyone’s kept in the loop.




Let’s face it: even at the best of times, it can be difficult to talk about — let alone ask for — money. But money is a hugely important part of the caregiving equation, and part of sharing the care is also sharing the costs. Whether you’re paying for medications, therapy, or cabs, those costs can add up. CareEasy can help you keep track of and share the expenses of care.

Similar to tasks, you can assign and share expenses within your circle. CareEasy will then notify members of your Circle of Care when they have an expense to pay. And they can notify you when they’ve paid their share of the bill.


Joint Calendar


Through the CareEasy app’s Joint Calendar, your entire Caregiver circle can view upcoming tasks and expenses. You can also see all past tasks and expenses by clicking the “View Completed/Settled” button in the “Tasks” or “Expenses” screens. Circle members will be reminded the day before their task or expense is due.


Family Notes


CareEasy’s “Notes” feature lets all members of your Circle of Care keep in touch, cheer each other on,  share useful information, and share family photos instantly and privately.


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