Public Outcry About Eyecare Has Impact but Government Response Disappointing


THANK YOU. From the Canadian Association for Retired Persons (C.A.R.P.) and all those who value eyecare in Ontario, thank you for demanding better from the Government of Ontario.

Together we:

  • Sent over 124,000 letters to our MPPs through
  • Signed over 100,000 petition signatures
  • Were featured in 200+ news stories across the province

 OAO is committed to finding a long-term sustainable solution that will ensure Ontario families have access to optometry services.

Without a Government of Ontario commitment to a sustainable eye care solution, on September 1st, children, seniors, and those with existing eye diseases or diabetes, will no longer be able to access eye care at their local optometrists.

For over 30 years, the Ontario government has refused to formally negotiate with optometrists. OHIP funding does not come close to covering the cost (including rent, staff, utilities, modern equipment, taxes and supplies) required to provide an eye exam. This neglect has made Ontario the lowest funded province in Canada when it comes to publicly funded optometry services.

The OAO continues to remain at the negotiating table with a third-party mediator in an effort to achieve an agreement with the Ministry of Health prior to September 1st to ensure Ontario families have long-term access to optometry services.

“Our team has never wavered in our commitment to sit at this table as we recognize the direct impact these discussions have on real people’s lives. Our patients are depending on our tireless advocacy to ensure their children, our seniors and those with existing eye conditions have the care they need to ensure the highest quality of life,” says Dr. Sheldon Salaba, President of the Ontario Association of Optometrists. “We want to provide Ontarians with the high-quality eye care that they deserve. We’re just looking for fairness from the government.”

So is C.A.R.P., which advocates on behalf of older Canadians, with equitable access to health care a cornerstone of its advocacy. C.A.R.P. continues to demand that the Ontario government commit to negotiating a sustainable solution to eye care.  Time is running out. Keep raising your voices. Together, let’s save eye care.

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