Stay Immune Strong – All Year Long


More than ever, a strong immune system is important, in order to stay vital and healthy. Coughs, colds and flus can happen at any time during the year, so natural immune boosters have quickly grown in popularity. Nature contains some specific compounds that help increase the strength of our body’s immune system. They increase the immune response, add more strength to it, and even help screen the body from getting attacked in the first place. The most popular natural immune booster is the elderberry. The elderberry contains a high concentration of so-called flavanols and anthocyanins which give the elderberry its deep purple colour. Actually, the elderberry contains more antioxidants than any other berry of its kind. Because of this, elderberries are beneficial in supporting the body’s immune system too. Take a closer look at our two immune supporting products based on this scientifically proven berry.

Recently, studies have shown that elderberries help support immune response and exhibit a direct anti-viral effect. They seem to work by inhibiting the early stages of an infection by blocking viral proteins responsible for both the viral attachment and entry into the host cells. Furthermore, when mixed with other ingredients like lemon juice, sage, and honey, elder- berries help relieve coughs, head colds and other flu-like symptoms, as well as significantly shorten the duration and severity of upper respiratory symptoms.

Healthy immunity never tasted so good! New Nordic’s Elderberry™ Gummy is a new, delicious, sugar free and vegan gummy, that delivers high amounts of pure and natural elderberry extract. This tasty supplement is the convenient way to support your immune system, naturally

Active Immune™ tablets can help promote this by daily providing the best nature has to offer of immune boosting ingredients. Active Immune tablets combine vitamin D3 at 100% recommended daily value, with extracts of elderberry, hops, and sea buckthorn, all known to support a healthy immune function.

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