MROO Advocates for OMERS Retirees Across Ontario


MROO protects pensions and enhances the retirement years for OMERS retirees through advocacy work, member services, and resources.

Since 1977, MROO, a not-for-profit, has been supporting the retirement years of OMERS retirees across Ontario from firefighters to social workers to municipal works providing seniors with a smooth transition into their retirement years.

MROO’s member benefits include health and dental, travel offers, home and car insurance, hearing health, cell phone services, and more. But at its core MROO is an advocacy group and supports its members as well as seniors across Ontario in the following ways:

Advocating and protecting OMERS pension

Protecting the rights of seniors across Ontario 

Providing resources for members on important topics like health and wellness, financial planning, and travel

Petitioning local governments to push for better and more housing options for seniors across Ontario, including more not-for-profit long-term care homes

Offering Student Scholarships each year to member relatives (from $2,500-$5,000)

Free monthly online webinars for members covering a range of timely topics

COVID-19 Donation Program in 2020-2021

To find out more about MROO, click here ( ) You can also email MROO at [email protected] or call 1-(800)-595-4497. Join MROO today, it’s only $25 for a lifetime membership (open to all OMERS pensioners).