Next Stop: Downsizing To Your Third-Age Home


Is your family struggling with downsizing conversations? You’re not alone, read this family’s journey to their next chapter.

Ma, when are you and Pop going to downsize? Elena said.

You ask us this every Sunday, and I tell you the same thing, “When we’re ready!”.

So, you think “Ready” just happens? Ma, You have to prepare!”

“Elena, listen, we love it here, and we are not ready to give up all these family memories.  This is OUR home and OUR street!”, exclaimed Ma.

“Your street?”, Elena retorted.  “All the families that lived here when I was growing up have moved away.  The Hutchinsons, gone, The Sharps – gone, that family on the corner….what’s their name?”

“The Browns – remember – same as the colour of their house?”, replied Ma.  

“He he – you’re right Ma”, Elena said. “Anyway, It’s not your street anymore.” “Hey Pop” Elena smiled at her father as he entered the room, then continued. “This whole last year, with visiting restrictions and lockdowns, this house has been mostly empty.  What do you need all this space for?”

Pop says,”Well it has been kinda lonely this last year with just the two of us. This whole pandemic mess has made me realize how much work this house is to maintain by ourselves, and costs just keep going up.”   

“It is the family home Ma, but it’s also your retirement nest-egg.” Elena said. “Do you know how much a young family would pay for this place – you could be set for life.  Let a new family build their memories here, take your money out and spend it while you still can.”

Ma groans as she steps unto the stairs. “And those stairs aren’t getting any easier with your arthritis!”, Elena quipped. 

“I may be in pain, but I’m not ready for the seniors home just yet” Ma retorted. 

“Exactly Ma!  Who said anything about a retirement home?”, continued Elena. “There are so many options.  My friend Valentina’s parents just moved to an adult community in Owen Sound, right on the water. Pop you have always wanted to have a boat; a community like that could be perfect for you. Valentina mentioned, they worked with a company that specializes in downsizing that made the whole process so easy.”

Does this type of conversation seem familiar?  Maybe you are more like Ma or Pop, or maybe you are part of the Sandwich Generation*, like Elena.  A lot of families are having these discussions now, and we know firsthand that this type of transition can be challenging, complicated, and emotional. 

How many of you know someone who was forced to leave the family home they’ve lived in for decades and move to a seniors’ community. It’s often a painful and unhappy experience.  At Transitions we believe this does not have to be your story.

Our philosophy is “You are not a transaction, you are making a Transition”.   That’s why our Downsizing Done Right Program guides families just like you through this major life transition with ease.

Who is “Downsizing Done Right” for?

“Downsizing Done Right” is for anyone who is considering selling their home but are undecided.  It is for homeowners who look around and think, “How will I declutter a lifetimes’ worth of belongings.”  It’s for people who desire a change, but just don’t know where to start.  Whether you are years away from a transition, just beginning to consider downsizing, or have definitely decided to downsize, our “Downsizing Done Right” program is for you!

Eight months later: “Cast us off, Ma!” Pop says. “What a glorious day for boating!  Elena, if we knew that downsizing would have allowed us to buy a little condo on the lake and have enough left over for this 24- footer…  we would have done it years ago!”

Raising her glass to toast, Ma stated with a smirk “See Elena, I told you we’d downsize when we were ready.”

“That you did Ma, that you did!” Elena replied.


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* The Sandwich Generation, gives care to their children and their parents at the same time. 

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