Help Needed: Your Professional Experience Can Make an Impact in an International Volunteer Assignment


Are you looking for an opportunity to utilize your expertise in a meaningful and impactful way? Your professional experience can make a significant difference to youth around the world when you volunteer internationally with WUSC. Whether you’re advanced in your career, working part-time, or retired, you can lend your time and the skills you’ve acquired to improve opportunities for young people in Africa, Asia and in the Caribbean.

WUSC is a Canadian non-profit organization that receives funding from the Government of Canada to foster youth-centred solutions for improved education, economic and empowerment opportunities in developing countries.  Our work relies on the volunteer efforts of everyday professionals just like you who have the time, skills and professional experience to share in over 15 countries around the world. 

With more than 50 years’ experience, WUSC knows international volunteering is an efficient and sustainable way to tackle the roots of poverty and inequality to co-create a more inclusive and equitable world. We take a people-first approach to foster an inclusive and diverse community based on strong leadership, sustainability, collaboration, and integrity.

Our team works with volunteers from across Canada to provide impactful, high-quality, rewarding, and safe volunteer opportunities across Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Our volunteers have helped strengthen hundreds of organizations and enhanced the skills of over 50,000 people in these communities. Since 1977, WUSC has successfully matched professional volunteers on international assignments by providing extensive support and training before, during and after volunteers are placed, as well as providing insurance, medical, travel, and accommodation and living costs.

WUSC is looking for volunteers with skills in business development and management, entrepreneurship, youth programming, gender equality and social inclusion, program evaluation, communications, information technology, human resources, resource mobilization, environment and climate change, and so much more! Volunteers are carefully matched to assignments with a partner organization, contributing to their important work in their community, helping to create stronger, more inclusive organizations and services, meeting new people and working alongside colleagues with a deep understanding of the local context.

Looking to get out and get to know the world better? This is the opportunity for you. People who volunteer internationally report a better understanding of different cultures and a new outlook on their career upon their return to Canada. Volunteering internationally can help you gain a new understanding of what’s happening outside of Canada’s borders while having a positive impact in the lives of others. Not only that, international volunteers report a heightened awareness of social and political issues when they return to Canada – making it the perfect opportunity to get more involved in the world around you in the years to come.

If you’re ready to use your expertise to make a difference in support of youth globally you can contact us by email at [email protected], call us at 1-613-761-3675 or discover our volunteer opportunities on the WUSC website. 

What will your contribution be?